Capitalism: Fascism, Imperialism, Militarism, Dictatorship

      Capitalism is the economic structure used throughout the world at the present time, an economic system that involves private ownership of the means of production for profit. Means of production refers to all elements used in production: the resources, institutions, factories, personnel, machines, and tools used to produce goods and services for profit. Historically, capitalism has always been paired with the fascist political structure.

Capitalism is the current worldwide economic structure, whereas fascism is the sole political structure in use. Fascism is the political system in which the power elite, variously termed oligarchy, plutocracy, cabal, or ruling class, employ the police power of the State to enforce the political and economic domination of privately owned cartels and corporations, industrial and financial. Capitalism also intrinsically involves an imperialistic militaristic regime that exalts the nation above the individual, the rich above the poor, uses violence and modern techniques of propaganda, surveillance, and censorship to forcibly suppress political opposition, and stands for a totalitarian government headed by a dictatorial leader.

The complete meaning of capitalism, therefore, includes its fascist political expression, its imperialistic militarism, its dicatorship, and its intrinsic cannibalization and destruction of the working class. Fascism takes the form of plutocracy: rule of the wealthy. Capitalist enterprises most often take the form of a corporation.

Some persons like to soften the meaning of capitalism by calling it corporatism and soften the meaning of fascism by calling it plutocracy, believing erroneously, that this is a more objective, "civil," and accurate term. On the contrary, referring to capitalism and fascism without including their predatory, murderous characteristics is nothing but a falsification and a euphemistic dodge.

The few nations, such as Venezuela and Cuba, that utilize some aspects of socialism, still retain capitalism as their basic economic structure.