The Demonic Cabal's
Crony Capitalism

Everything for Plutocrats
Nothing for Workers


Norman D. Livergood

     The 2008 election will be a critical test of American voters' savvy. Are we astute and aware enough to see that the demonic cabal controlling our country has done everything to devastate our way of life?

Favorable Indicators of Voter Sophistication

     Fortunately, signs are already appearing that not only are Democratic voters up in arms about the cabal's obliteration of our way of life, but even some Republicans have had enough of the cabal's cronyism and insane spending.

     The cabal desperately tried to steer American voters' attention away from their failed domestic and foreign policies by advocating a Constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of marriage and following through with the injudicial persecution of light-weight Martha Stewart.

     The cabal's crony capitalism is so deranged that the normally staid Financial Times of Britain earlier declared that "the lunatics are now in charge of the asylum." As Paul Krugman points out, "by pushing through another huge tax cut in the face of record deficits, the administration clearly demonstrates either that it is completely feckless, or that it actually wants a fiscal crisis."

Financial Meltdown, Anyone?

     Since the cabal made it impossible for the 9/11 Commission to do its work, we have no definite proof that the cabal was not complicit in the twin towers/Pentagon atrocity. It's possible that the cabal junta may become so desperate as approval ratings continue to go south, that they'll resort to fixing the 2006 and 2008 elections (as they rigged the 2000 and 2004 results), perpetrating a 9/11 Part 2 outrage, creating a financial meltdown, or all three.

     The Financial Times suggests that "more extreme Republicans" may actually want a fiscal train wreck: they could then slash federal spending on social programs and claim that it wasn't their fault.

     Thus far, the cabal has been able to borrow to make up the rising difference between taxes and spending. As of June, 2003, China, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong owned a combined total of about $696 billion in Treasuries, about 46 per cent of the outstanding bond debt. China alone now holds $290 billion in US government bonds, more than any other foreign lender.

     But at some point, China and Japan and the other investors in America's bond market will balk. They'll refuse to lend money to a government, even one with the outstanding past economic record of the United States, if the cabal continues to increase our debt faster than we're receiving tax revenues. To this point, the cabal has no discernible plan to put its financial house in order.

Corporation: "an ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility"

Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"


     The Financial Times believes that the radical right in the United States is in control of the White House and is intent not only on "undermining the multilateral international order," but also on bringing the country to its financial knees so they can destroy Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

      That theory certainly explains why the cabal is pursuing its present financially suicidal course.

     The cabal thugs now running America aren't conservatives, they're radicals who want to do away with our social and economic system. The foreign and domestic crises they're concocting could provide them the excuse they want to take this country down in terms of finances and civil liberties.

Capitalism's Intrinsic Defect

     For many decades, the American capitalist system--the cabal's crony capitalism, its vulture capitalism, and other forms of economic swindle--has been suffering from protracted depression in profit levels in the basic manufacturing industries.

     Instead of trying to solve this intrinsic defect in the capitalist system, the demonic cabal has merely created an environment that encourages every form of fraud. Many corporative executives lack any faith in the long-term growth in the real value of the companies for which they are supposedly responsible. So they focus only on their own short-term financial enrichment--through fraud. Unable to create profits legitimately, they create "profits" out of thin air by cooking the books.

      So we have CEOs at Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing--and see late-breaking news for the most recent corporate criminal--looting millions in pension funds, all with the blessing of the cabal.

      American corporate managers used to be persons of genuine integrity who took pride in their work. Under the criminal atmosphere that has increased daily since the cabal stole the presidency through criminal fraud in Florida in 2000 and rigged the 2002 and 2004 elections, business management has degenerated into the arts of swindling, looting, and deceiving.

Enough Is Too Much

     The American people--of all stripes--appear to have had enough of the cabal's deceptions, fraud, and decimation of Constitutional rights. Even the right-wing National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently issued a report warning that 2.3 million US manufacturing jobs have disappeared since 2000. The NAM points out that the United States risks losing "critical mass" in manufacturing.

      A recent Defense Department technology-advisory group report pointed out that so much "intellectual capital and industrial capability" has been moved offshore, particularly in microelectronics, that the Pentagon is dangerously dependent on foreign manufacturers to supply its high-tech weaponry.

     Even the Big Money people are beginning to have second thoughts about the cabal and the Republican Party as investments tank.

         Republicans voted against criminal penalties for CEOs, tougher corporate regulations, executive accountability, greater auditing safeguards, and stronger protections for employee pensions. The chart to the left shows why Wall Street is not pleased with the cabal and its Republican Party.

     Self-preservation of this bipartisan kind seems to be kicking in throughout the United States, as workers wake up to what the cabal has done in taking their jobs, destroying their medical coverage, and turning America into a banana republic.

     We must do everything we can to see that Republicans are not elected in 2006 and 2008, which means:

     We are taking our country back and restoring our true democracy!