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Demonic Cabal

     The capitalist cabal is using new, aggressive forms of brainwashing to change the very way Americans think and act.

     This is the psychological dimension of the demonic cabal's general onslaught against American workers, just as the "war on terrorism" is the military dimension and corporate crime, bailout of banksters, and tax cuts for the rich comprise the economic dimension.

     We are living under a military dictatorship in precisely the same way that 1930s Germans suffered under the Nazi regime.
     As in the case of Nazi Germany, state-sponsored propaganda (brainwashing) is a vital part of the cabal regime's strategy.

     New propaganda slogans are being overtly and subliminally implanted by the cabal and its puppets through their speeches and actions:

  • Change for a better America

  • Dissent is treason

  • Constitutional liberties are less important than security

  • The "war on terrorism" excuses any attack on civil liberties

  • Any cabal administration has the right and the duty to bring about "regime change" in any nation it chooses

  • The economy is basically sound

  • Only a few bad apples are found in the corporate barrel, which requires no new oversight laws

  • If cabal puppets say they're not guilty of war crimes, then the present political regime will not pursue it

  • It's necessary to attack any nation the cabal deems necessary because we're still in a war against terrorism

Propaganda American Style

     Some of these mind programming tactics are so subtle that they can be overlooked in the hubbub of everyday life. For example, have you been aware that the very way in which the "public discourse" is being carried on is a subtle brainwashing strategy? The Congress, the media, the man and woman on the street are encouraged to ask only this question:

How can a larger bailout for financial institutions solve the economic crisis?

     What about the questions:

  • What crimes were committed to perpetrate the collapse of the American economy?

  • Why should taxpayers bailout the very bankers and Wall Street con-men who caused the economic crisis?

  • Why aren't Americans up in arms about so much tax-payer money going to financial criminals?"

  • Why should American workers suffer from unemployment, home foreclosure, and destitution when the fat cats are looting billions?

Insanity as Normalcy

     The way in which the cabal con-game is being conducted is itself an interesting brainwashing technique: The capitalist cabal and its political and financial running dogs continually commit OUTRAGES but don't excuse them, explain them, or invite reflection on these affronts to morality and sanity. In fact, when some timid media voice criticizes the particular regime the cabal has put into power, the media person is demonized as questioning behavior which is beyond reproach.

     Americans are being brainwashed to ask only the questions the cabal kool aid addicts allow and they are programmed to see everything that cabal puppets do as unquestionably correct. The brainwashing has gone so far that Americans no longer see what has happened to our country.

Personality Profiling and Simulation

     In an earlier article, I reviewed the varied aspects of personality profiling and simulation. While serving as Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the U.S. Army War College, 1993-1995, I conducted studies on profiling, psychological programming, and brainwashing. I explored and developed personality simulation systems, an advanced technology used in military war games, FBI profiling, political campaigning, and advertising. Part of my discovery was that:

  • The minds of 95% of the population are nothing but infantile beliefs and emotional patterns

  • These patterns can be simulated in profiling systems

  • These profiling systems can be used to program and control such people

     Personality simulation systems are being used to create political campaigns that apply voter profiles to control their voting behavior. TV commercials and programs use personality simulation to profile viewers to control their purchasing and viewing behaviors. Sophisticated propaganda and brainwashing techniques are being used by the capitalist cabal to keep American citizens under control.

The Technology of Thought and Behavior Control

     The long evolution of developing procedures to control human behavior all came to a head in the modern world with Pavlov, a Russian scientist. In the early years of the twentieth century, Pavlov made the discovery that you can condition a dog to salivate on command simply by associating food with the ringing of a bell. Once that association is fixed in the dog's mind, the food can be removed and the dog will salivate merely when it hears the bell.

     Pavlov carried out the identical experiments on human beings with the same results. Those principles have been adapted to television and motion pictures and can now make Americans salivate in response to a wide array of bells and whistles. We can call it phase one in the evolution of human behavior control.

      Phase two was accomplished by the same Russian scientist, Pavlov. Very few people know of this part of his research. During a particularly severe storm in Russia, heavy rains continued for days and Pavlov's laboratories were flooded. Pavlov and his research assistants were able to return to the laboratory only after the flood waters had receded days later. Upon returning, Pavlov discovered something truly remarkable. Before the flood, many of the dogs had been conditioned to respond to various stimuli. Lo and behold, all traces of the conditioning in the dogs had disappeared! Bells, food, nothing could induce the former salivation response that had been so carefully implanted in the dogs' nervous systems.

      What mysterious influence could account for this remarkable turn of events, Pavlov wondered. So, being a good scientist, he studied carefully what had transpired while he was away from the dogs. They had been left without food or warmth. They had been isolated for days; some of them had drowned. They had been subjected to extreme stress, never knowing if they would live or die. These were the factors that had produced the washing away of the previous conditioning from the dogs' brains: "brain-washing."

      Pavlov and other Russians followed up this line of research, but it was the Chinese communists in the 1950s who first saw its real potential for use with human beings. They employed these very principles in brainwashing American and other Allied prisoners of war during the Korean conflict. Isolation, periodic denial of food or water, cold and exposure, extreme stress associated with uncertainty of life or death--these conditions, together with a continual barrage of indoctrination produced the erasing of previous beliefs and behavior patterns in American soldiers in particular. Thus brainwashing became phase two in the evolution of human behavior control.

     But brainwashing is not very reliable, as the remarkable film "The Manchurian Candidate" shows. The trigger mechanisms can be tampered with, sometimes even erased, before the desired behavior can be carried out.

These procedures are only used now by the CIA and other intelligence services for programming special assassins (see the movie "Parallax View"). Neither classic Pavlovian conditioning nor brainwashing can produce the general results that black-budget project directors in intelligence services desire: absolute control of a human personality.

To show to what extremes the CIA is willing to go in developing the technology to control human behavior, they funded the "research" of Dr. Jose Delgado. Delgado was infamous for implanting radio-activated electrodes in animals (and possibly in humans).

In the pictures to the left he is demonstrating that his implants in a bull's brain can stop it even after it starts to charge Delgado.

You may get a slight whiff of sulphur and brimstone as you read this quote from Delgado:

"We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.
"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.
"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain."

Dr. Jose Delgado (MKULTRA experimenter who demonstrated a radio-controlled bull on CNN in 1985)
Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School
Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974

     Phase three in the development of thought and behavior control techniques occurred at Stanford University in the 1960s, with a scientist named William Colby. Colby was a Freudian psychiatrist whose work was funded by Department of Defense grants attempting to solve a problem outlined by the DoD: controlling human behavior.

      Colby learned how to capture the belief systems of his psychiatric patients. He then put these belief systems into computer programs. He refined his research until he was able to capture a patient's personality structure in the computer and then use this computer model to control the patient's behavior.

     B. F. Skinner developed the concept of operant conditioning in which a subject--animal or human--receives reinforcement for desired behavior.

      The techniques of Pavlov, Colby, and Skinner have been taken over by political campaign managers, television producers, and advertising executives. Today, the average person is bombarded with conditioning messages throughout each day. We are conditioned to believe, feel, think, and act as other people choose. In study after study, cultural conditioning instruments (TV, popular songs, Web sites, newspapers, magazines) have been shown to elicit specific behaviors on the part of the "receiver."

     In this essay, I'm using the word "brainwashing" in a non-technical sense, to refer to any attempt to influence or coerce another person. All communication has some element of persuasion, even if only to persuade a person to receive and/or consider the communication. So in some sense I'm attempting to "brainwash" the reader of this article as does any communicator. You can distinguish between positive and negative "propaganda" or "brainwashing" by asking these questions:

  • Does the communication make it clear that it is trying to persuade ("brainwash") the recipient? (reader, viewer, etc.)

    • If the propaganda is hidden or subliminal (below the ordinary threshold of awareness) then the purpose of the communication is often to control or manipulate the recipient.

    • If the propaganda overtly acknowledges it is trying to persuade or influence the recipient, and invites reflection on the message, then the purpose may be benign or positive.

  • Does the communication present untruth as truth?

  • Does the communication have the purpose of persuading the recipients to believe or act in ways that are inimical to their own interests?

    • In the case of the capitalist cabal's propaganda efforts, I'm arguing in this essay that persons being "brainwashed" are being encouraged to believe and act in ways that are destructive of their personal interests.

  • This essay encourages readers to reflect on what kind of communication ("brainwashing") they're experiencing, which reflection I consider to be of benefit to the readers.

"The threat from the Elders of Zion or from Wall Street [or from terrorists or Iraq or American dissidents], together with a revealed knowledge of 'truth' necessitates inquisition and intrusion into every aspect of a subject's life through the agency of the propaganda machine and terrorist police. Propaganda and police are closely interwoven; terror controls communication, which communicates, among other things, terror. Propaganda and terror are, in a very real sense, two sides of one coin. Wrong action springs from wrong thought, or from the wrong nature of a Jew or capitalist [or Muslim extremist or American dissident], and it is most economically dealt with at source. The police must detect wrong thought; propaganda must correct it or the police must eradicate it, whereupon propaganda must replace it. The police terror is the modern inquisition, and must, in the interests of the class or the race, be permitted to see into the soul of every person. Not only does heresy weaken the state in the face of its internal and external enemies, it is not in the true interests of the heretic. Better be burned at the stake than live in mortal sin, which can so easily taint others.  . . .   A hell on earth must be created to incline the flock to heaven. In the words of Orwell's 1984 hate is love."

Peter Phillips. (1969). The Tragedy of Nazi Germany

The Demonic Cabal Propaganda Machine

     A number of rabid right organizations provide the Obama regime propaganda support:

  • Project for the New American Century
  • Center for Security Policy
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Americans for Victory Over Terrorism - (Bennett, Kemp)
  • World Anti-Communist League (Singlaub)

  • Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

  • Trilateral Commission

  • Bilderberg Group

  • Carlyle Group

  • World Bank

  • International Monetary Fund

         The Council on Foreign Relations is the demonic cabal's mandarin stable, where sycophants write articles and chair meetings to discuss what policies and strategies the current puppet government must follow. A Council On Foreign Relations Task Force report ordered the Bush Administration to upgrade public diplomacy because too many people in the world, especially Arabs, detested Americans.

         Yowsuh! the Bush puppet gang replied, and went into immediate action, creating a new Office of Global Communications (OGC) to coordinate the administration's foreign policy message and huckster America's image globally. The OGC supplants a smaller propaganda group set up during the war in Afghanistan, when the Bush junta feared that the US was losing the public relations battle even though winning the war.

         The CFR's realization that the Bush thugs had gone too far in destroying America's world reputation was the reason the cabal put the rather more intelligent-appearing Obama into the presidency in 2008. Within a short time, however, it has become clear for all but the most mind-dead ObaMessiah true believer that Obama is nothing but a cabal puppet who's willing to continue the same fascist, militarist policies that Bush II pursued.

         The U.S. government has had a propaganda arm since 1942, centered in the US International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB). IBB broadcasts in 52 languages around the world and includes:

    • The Voice of America

    • The Office of Cuba Broadcasting

    • The Worldnet Television and Film Service

    • A new service, the Middle East Radio Network (MERN)

    Pattiz      MERN's Radio Sawa, which began broadcasting overseas on March 23, 2002, is an interesting mix of pop music, news, opinion pieces, weather, and sports, targeting the 25 and under demographic group. Radio Sawa (which means "together" in Arabic), funded by our tax dollars, is the brainchild of California media mogul, Norman Pattiz, US Broadcasting Board Governor and Founder/Chairman of Westwood One Radio. Funding for Radio Sawa was championed by Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., a friend of Pattiz, and $35 million was approved for fiscal 2002, with more than $16 million of those dollars going to build new transmitters, a one-time cost.


         The umbrella group running this propaganda operation is the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an agency of the U.S. Government. Radio Sawa is a service of U.S. International Broadcasting, an arm of BBG. Radio Sawa operates on the assumption that communicating directly in Arabic with the peoples of the Middle East by radio will win their attention and respect.

         Pattiz, a wealthy contributor to former President Clinton, describes the Radio Sawa mission as follows: "We are committed to making sure people can hear America's voice and better understand our country and what it stands for."

         Programming includes talk-radio shows where people can call in and ask questions about the United States, its government and its people. As well as being available via Nilesat, Arabsat, and Eutelsat, Radio Sawa broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on FM frequencies throughout the Middle East.

             Fortunately, a large number of people in the Arabic world are not taken in by the cabal's clumsy effort to brainwash youth in the Middle East, as this article in the Al-Ahram Weekly Online Web site indicates.

    "What's wrong with propaganda?" asks Ayman El-Amir in the article just referred to. "Nothing, except if you claim that it is not what it appears to be. Almost all countries practice propaganda in one form or another, depending on the policy agenda and the region of interest."

    "The United States has consistently been a good exporter of its short-term myopic interests, and a bad promoter of the ideals of the value system on which it was founded. That may explain why outside Europe, the US of the post-World War II era found itself more in the bad company of ruthless dictators, rather than in the good company of democratically elected leaders."

    "The chances are the Arab youth themselves will split the strategy: take the US sound and discard the US agenda."

    Paradoxical Psychological Manipulation

         A powerful strategy of clandestine brainwashing is to send a communication with two, paradoxical messages.

          For example, the movie series, The Godfather, contained these two contradictory messages:

    • Mafia crime families are just like ordinary people

    • A mafia criminal will kill his own family if necessary; don't think he would hesitate to kill you if ordered to

         Even intelligent people can be taken in by this brainwashing technology of paradoxical messaging. An example of this phenomenon is a current operation by the Advertising Council.

         In June of 2003, the Ad Council was stating its overall purpose in this way: "We marshall [sic] the volunteer forces of advertising agencies and media companies to affect [sic] positive social change." As of December, 2003, they have corrected their statement to read: "We marshal the volunteer forces of advertising agencies and media companies to effect positive social change." You can, in the example below, interpret "effect positive change" to mean "brainwash people into fearful submission."

          One of the Council's current operations is called the "Campaign for Freedom." If you believe the Council,

    "The initiative is designed to assist Americans during the war on terrorism through the development and distribution of timely and relevant public service messages. This first round of PSAs for the campaign has been created to celebrate our nation's freedom and remind Americans about the importance of freedom and the need to protect it for future generations."

    "According to research, Americans are looking for messages that will inform, involve and inspire them during the war on terrorism. This inspirational campaign is advertising's gift to America on the occasion of its birthday, Independence Day." All of the ads conclude with the powerful tagline, "Freedom. Appreciate it. Cherish it. Protect it."

         The first of six video clip "messages" involves the image of an American urban block, with the voiceover:

    "On September eleventh, terrorists tried to change America forever."

         The image changes to the same urban street but this time with American flags hanging in front of every house.

    "Well, they succeeded."

         Now, that seems rather prosaic, doesn't it? The message is: "We showed those terrorists what we're made of!" Nothing to quarrel with, is there?

          Well, maybe. Note the critical element of the image/message: EVERY house has a flag in front of it.

          So the paradoxical message is: America is changed forever to a 200 percent patriotism that can see no wrong with whatever the Bush administration does.

         I recommend you examine all six Ad Council "messages" to see the paradoxical communications in each.

    Theme Ordinary Message Paradoxical Message

    Main Street USA

    We showed those 9/11 terrorists what we're made of.

    America's been permanently changed into a country of 200 percent jingoistic patriotism.


    Aren't you happy you don't live in a war zone.

    You actually do live in a war zone.


    Aren't you glad you live in a country where you can read what you want to and no one will bother you.

    You're living in a country where police and intelligence agencies monitor what you read and can arrest you on suspicion of subversive activity.


    Aren't you glad you live in a country where you have free speech.

    You're living in a country where you must be careful of what you say, because you can be arrested for nothing more than dissent.


    Aren't you glad you live in a country where you can't be pulled over by a police officer, your car searched, and your being arrested on nothing more than suspicion.

    You actually live in a country where you can be pulled over by a police officer, your car searched, and your being arrested on nothing more than suspicion.


    Aren't you glad your supermarket aisles are full.

    Get ready for the possibility that food won't be available.

         The other one I'll analyze here is one in which a college age kid goes into a library and hands a list of books on a request slip to a female librarian.

    The boy says to the librarian, "I can't seem to find these books anywhere."

    The librarian types them into the computer and says, "These books are no longer available."

    He says, "I didn't know."

    The librarian says, in an accusatory tone, "May I have your name please?"

    "Why?" the boy replies.

    As he walks away, he's seized by two men.

    "What did I do?" he asks in desperation.

    "We just have a couple of question."

    We hear the kid gasping as they roughly drag him off.

         The "message" ends, as all six do, with the tag: "Freedom. Appreciate it. Cherish it. Protect it"

         Some rather bright people have taken the "message" of this video clip to be:

    "Thank God, that can't happen in America." And based on that reading of the communication, they assume that the showing of the video on national TV is a positive thing.

         You can only believe that "message" if you don't know that the F.B.I. is already checking libraries to see what people are reading. In other words, that isn't a scene of a non-reality but of a very present reality.

         A new, subtle brainwashing technique is called predictive programming. An example is illustrated below.

    "The average person in the US watches about four hours of television each day. Over the course of a year, we see roughly twenty five thousand commercials, many of them produced by the world's highest-paid cognitive psychologists. And these heavily produced advertisements are not merely for products, but for a lifestyle based on a consumer mind-set. What they're doing, day in and day out, twenty-five thousand times a year, is hypnotizing us into seeing ourselves as consumers who want to be entertained rather than as citizens who want to be informed and engaged. We need to take back the airwaves as a sphere of mature conversation and dialogue about our common future."

    Duane Elgin, "On Simplicity and Humanity's Future, IONS, Noetic Sciences Review, December 2002

    This essay was first presented in 1997. Updated: 5/12/2015


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