Possession and Hysteria

     At present, humankind has not only lost any effective understanding or use of the subliminal mind, we are progressively losing our conscious minds. Our conscious mind is the outgrowth of our objective existence. It is our safest guide on the path of earthly life. It is our faithful monitor and guardian in our daily struggle with our physical environment. It is our most reliable auxiliary in our efforts to penetrate the secrets of Nature, and wrest from her the means of subsistence.      Progressive awareness, critical thinking, and self-possession are essential capabilities which humankind must now struggle to regain, since a great many have allowed their conscious minds to be literally taken over by destructive personalities and ideologies. For most humans, the regaining of critical thinking, self-awareness, and critical consciousness must be the first priority, because there is the very real danger of the masses of humankind becoming totally possessed by the structures and ideologies of those few who now rule the world politically and economically.

     Possession is the extreme lower point on a continuum (see right) in which the highest achievement is identification with a Higher Positive Power (ecstasy).

Possession refers to:
  • domination by something (as a negative spirit, a passion, an obsession, an addiction, or a fixed idea)

  • a psychological state in which an individual's normal personality is replaced by another

     Humans can allow other entities--personalities or ideas--to control them to varying degrees. If they allow other persons or concepts to take dominant control of their thoughts and actions, they lose the ability to think or act autonomously. As a personality or an ideology takes progressive control of them, they become possessed (an obsessive, a bigot, an ideologue) and finally end in hysteria--the manifestation of self-limiting or self-destructive tendencies.

     In psychology, hysteria refers to the loss of sensory or motor function without organic pathology. The person suddenly cannot hear, see, or feel, or his arm or leg may be paralyzed, or he may be unable to speak--even though the bodily organs are completely functional.

     Currently, possession and hysteria are present in much of the world's population. We see these phenomena most clearly in the fixed ideas and obsessive belief-systems of masses of people world-wide who are oblivious to the destruction of their lives by politicians and corporations. The phenomena of possession and hysteria are most evident in the American masses who have lost the ability to see what is happening in America and the world.

     As humans become progressively possessed by destructive personalities and ideologies, they ultimately end in suicidal behavior: voting for and supporting people who are deliberately destroying them. They become blind to everyday realities--even to the total collapse of the world economy and the destitution of workers.