A Special Bibliography of
Transformative Perennialist Works

These books should be read and studied in a constantly ongoing process by students within the introductory study program in the Perennial Tradition.

Atwood, Mary A., Hermetic
Philosophy and Alchemy

Barks, Coleman and Moyne, John,

The Essential Rumi

Boethius, The Emboldenment of


James, William, The Varieties of

Religious Experience

Livergood, Norman D.,

The Perennial Tradition

_____ Portals to Higher Consciousness

_____ Progressive Awareness

_____ How to Become a Modern Guru

_____ The President of the World

_____ America, Awake!

_____ The New Enlightenment


Livergood, Norman D. and Mairesse, Michelle, Realizing a New Culture

Moseley, J.R., Manifest Victory

Nicoll, M., The New Man

Plato, The Commonwealth

Plato, Phaedo

Sanai, Hakim, The Walled Garden of Truth

Shankara, The Crest Jewel of Wisdom

White, S.E.W., Across the Unknown

White, S.E.W., The Betty Book

White, S.E.W., The Unobstructed Universe

White, S.E.W., With Folded Wings

White, S.E.W., The Stars Are Still There