Arcane Badminton  
Synchronized Interchange of Force

     In this operation, there is one person (A) who interchanges force (the sending of multiple birdies across the net) with three participants (B, C, D) on the other side of the net who move back and forth from one position to another in a straight line. The goal is to create a perfectly synchronized interchange in which A sends the birdies to B, C, and D in just the right manner and B, C, and D, in turn, return the birdies to A to make the continuing interchange flow in a "flocking" effect.

      The operation requires that the persons participating act in a non-thought mode, because "thinking" is too slow to allow for the required synchronized, super-normal interchange of force. For A to return the multiple birdies he must see the birdies in his peripheral vision as well as "discern" them psychically, move to strike them, and psychically "know" precisely where and when the birdies should reach B, C, and D on the other side of the net as they are moving.

      B, C, and D on their side of the net must also see the birdies in their peripheral vision as they are moving from one position to another and return the birdies to arrive at A's location precisely where and when required for perfect coordination.

     For example, if B, C, and D strike their birdies to arrive at A's location at the same time, A is unable to react quickly enough to return the three birdies. The three birdies must reach A in a perfectly timed sequence so that A can hit each of the three birdies in turn. A is required to hit the birdies in a very fast motion because he is dealing with three birdies, not just one.