Cooperative Commonwealth Community: Auxiliary Membership

    Relative to changing world conditions, the Cooperative Commonwealth Community has now created an auxiliary 1 membership category:

Possible candidates:
  • Persons who do not presently qualify for full community membership status but who can prove themselves to be of genuine service to the CCC enterprise

  • Persons who wish to be a part of the Cooperative Commonwealth Community while they are preparing for full membership

1. Auxiliary Membership on site (Vista, CA):
  • Candidates for auxiliary membership would have to possess these essential capabilities and characteristics

    • Demonsstrate that they are aware of the political-economic-social world conditions and are eager to learn more in these areas

    • Demonstrate that they are able to think critically and effectively participate in dialectical group decision-making

    • Proven capability to provide for all their own living expenses entirely on their own

    • Be financially able to relocate to Vista, CA

    • Be capable of finding employment after relocating

    • Demonstrate skills, capabilities, and qualities genuinely contributory to the CCC enterprise

2. Auxiliary Membership at a distance: Persons who can prove themselves to be of genuine service to the CCC enterprise (see essential capabilities and characteristics above) but are unable to relocate to Vista, CA at present

    If you are interested in applying for screening and testing toward Auxiliary Membership of either type, begin the process by completing this application document.