Interpretation For Contemplation

1. We are surprised when our study of Perennialist Alchemy reveals that its essence is Self-Transmutation and Self-Knowledge.

2. A human is a microcosm of the macrocosmic universe and was created with the potential for wisdom and dominion over all elements of the terrestrial domain. Along with his ability to think and understand ordinary elements of this life, a human possesses the potential for a higher faculty--Wisdom--which, when he is able to contact and activate it, enables him to intuitively discern the hidden essence of all terrestrial elements. Wisdom is the underlying creative and sustaining Force which enables an enlightened human to activate supernormal power over the forces of nature.

3. The Egyptians understood that the essence of spirituality is self-transmutation. Spiritual allegories have been turned into absurdities. It is extremely difficult to make spiritual truths understandable to ordinary, unenlightened persons. Some people misuse spiritual teachings and experiences as an excuse for emotional excess or irrational delusions. Others reject spiritual experience on the grounds that it lacks sufficient logical or rational grounds for acceptance.We examine and discover the existence of Forms in the human intellect so that we may delve deeper into the hermetic essence and its observable effects.

4. If we allow our soul to be located in the body, we avoid self-contemplation and focus only on our physical existence. If we locate our consciousness in the soul, not in the body, we are able to recollect our previous experience in a spiritual state of being prior to birth in this world of terrestrial existence. Plutarch, who had experienced initiation into the Mysteries, asserts that when our consciousness is freed from the impediment of the body, then God leads us into the profound experience of the Form Beauty, which creates and sustains the Goodness of the universe. Plutarch teaches that the love of and the search for Truth is the essential desire to partake of the Divine Nature. Our spiritual search enables us to acquire holiness as a means of achieving transcendent knowledge of the Divine Mind.