No One Uninitiated in
Philosophy May Enter


New Academy

"All other philosophies . . . are but rivulets
derived from this vast ocean of truth."

Thomas Taylor

Platonism and Neo-Platonism
in the Modern World

Prerequisite Study

President Of The World

Rediscovering Plato
and the Mystical Science of Dialectic

The New Commonwealth

Realizing a New Culture

The Perennial Tradition 1

      Progressive Awareness   

Portals to Higher Consciousness

     How To Become a Moderm Guru     

President of the World

Initiation Into Philosophy

Unitive Consciousness

How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny

How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

The New American Civil War

How Philosophy Emboldens the Soul

The Bhagavad Gita:
Civil War as a Spiritual Battle

Realizing the Unitive State Through Spiritual Baptism

An Advanced Science of Transformation

A Transmutation Ritual

Enlightening Groups

Transformative Groups

The Debilitating Self

Life As Awakening

Dialectic Interchange Essays

Seeking the Ultimate Nature of Reality

Knowledge As Self-Evolvement

Realizing the New Commonwealth

Rediscovering and Preserving
Human Wealth

Evoking Higher Spiritual Powers

Psychic and Spiritual Alchemy

The Higher Mysteries

Expanding Human Consciousness

Discovering the
Spiritual Domain

Evolution's Next Step

Disclosure of High Knowledge
through Perennialist Art

Hypnotic Trance in
Spiritual Development

Realizing A New World

The New Language
of Spiritual Inspiration

Higher Trance State I

Higher Trance State II

Reading as Dialectical Interchange

Dialectic as Transformative Interchange

Inner Dialectic

Perennialist Teachers

Jesus As a Perennialist Teacher

The Saving Remnant

Perennialist Master Al-Junayd

Spiritual Evolution

Elemental Mysteries: Energy, Number, and Frequency

The New Academy


Plato As A
Perennialist Teacher

Portals to Higher Consciousness

Plato's Contemporary

Platonism in
Cathedral Philosophy

Translation in the Perennial Tradition

A Platonic
Meditation On Beauty

Vanquishing Ignorance

Experiential Participation
in Higher Consciousness

Perennialist Art

Communing With
Kindred Souls

Plato's Mystical Science
Maieutic Psychagogy

How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny

How and What Plato's
Dialogues Teach Us

How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

Egomania: the Invisible Pandemic

Unitive Consciousness

Plotinus' Practical Mysticism

Dialectical Interpersonal Relationships

Dialectic As the Source of the Knowledge of Man

Creative Inspiration

New Platonic Dialogues



An Illuminating Encounter

Study Material: Platonic Dialogues


Notes on Euthyphro

Notes on Plato's Apology

Two Translations of Plato's Apology

Notes on Plato's Crito

Two Translations of Plato's Crito

Phaedo (2 translations)

Notes on Phaedo

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book I

Two Translations of
The Commonwealth, Book I

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book II

Two Translations of
The Commonwealth, Book II

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book III

The Commonwealth, Book III

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book IV

The Commonwealth, Book IV

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book V

Two Translations of
The Commonwealth, Book V

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book VI

The Commonwealth, Book VI

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book VII

The Commonwealth, Book VII

Excerpt from Thomas Taylor's Translation of
The Commonwealth, Book VII

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book VIII

The Commonwealth, Book VIII

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book IX

The Commonwealth, Book IX

Notes on Plato's
Commonwealth, Book X

The Commonwealth, Book X

The Essence of the Commonwealth

Notes on The Protagoras

The Protagoras

Notes on Theaetetus


Notes on Philebus


Notes on the Symposium

The Symposium

Notes on The Statesman

The Statesman

Notes on Alcibiades


Notes on Alcibiades II

Alcibiades II

Notes on Hipparchus


Laches (in two translations)


Commentary on Laches and Meno


Notes on Charmides


Notes on Cratylus


Notes on Charmides


Discussion of Gorgias


Notes on the Sophist


Notes on Parmenides


Notes on the Phaedrus

Rival Lovers

Notes on Rival Lovers


Notes on Theages


Notes on Lysis


Notes on Euthydemus

Ion (in two translations)

Notes on Ion

Hippias Major

Notes on Hippias Major

Hippias Minor

Notes on Hippias Minor


Notes on Timaeus



Notes on Minexenus


Notes on Laws




A Plato Bibliography

If you're interested in preparatory study in the Perennial Tradition, go HERE.