One of the main disservices that Marxist and socialist scholars do to American workers is to give them the impression that something like the illusory "Russian revolution" could and should occur in the United States.

      If an armed insurrection were to occur in America, it would be the workers who would suffer, not the Marxist-socialist theorists. But, in fact, no such "revolution," can or will occur in the United States; the criminal cabal is too thoroughly ensconced in power for such an event to occur, holding in its tentacles all the instruments and agencies of violence (police, military, propaganda, "intelligence").

      Workers need to understand just what conditions are in America and throughout the world, so they can plan intelligently to respond to the capitalist pandemic of terror and tyranny. The situation in the United States at present is nothing like that in Russia in 1917. Yes, there has been a total collapse of the capitalist economic system, but there are no ordinary "countervailing powers" to oppose the cabal.

      Unlike the creation of our American nation through armed revolution against British tyranny in 1776, we must reconstitute our present society through entirely peaceful methods. Not only is this necessary because our means of recreating our nation must be based on non-violent principles consistent with our goals, but because the reality is that the criminal cabal controlling our country possesses a dominating force in military, police, and propaganda weapons. It would be suicidal to attempt armed insurrection against such barbaric power.