Genuine engagement in this new form of class warfare can only begin when a small enlightened group of persons--having suffered under an oppressive form of rule and having prepared themselves for self-rule--create a new community. This new society will arise out of the ashes of our present culture, led by persons who have freed themselves from all alluring myths and illusions, looked reality squarely in the face, and begun the long, hard effort to lay a solid foundation for a new society.

      It's of importance to recognize the extent to which intelligent independence and self-direction in any realm are an achievement. The ability to be an independent, self-directing personality is present in possibility in original nature; but this possibility is made an actuality only through the proper kind of education. The same is true of a group.

"Independent, self-directing group conduct is . . . an achievement. Merely to offer democracy to a group does not mean that the group is able to conduct itself democratically. Just as individual independence comes gradually, first in more restricted and then in wider areas of life, so independence in a group comes gradually, first in more restricted and then in ever and ever widening areas of conduct. Whether the group be a family, a gang, a class in school, or a nation, it cannot change suddenly with any success from complete autocratic control to entirely independent self-direction."

Harrison S. Elliott, The Process of Group Thinking, 1938