Another of the ideological fantasies we must utterly reject is the socialist swindle that workers worldwide will somehow miraculously rise up, form themselves into a coherent alliance, and confront the capitalist class. Oppression by plutocratic and tyrannous powers does not magically unite people into an effective combat coalition. The number of working-class Americans without health insurance is now 46.6 million, according to the Census Bureau. More than one in 10 American children are uninsured. Being a member of such oppressed groupings does not automatically unite you with the others.

      Having a common enemy doesn't mysteriously create a united front. Every day in Congress, plutocratic leaders of both parties promote or vote for tax breaks for the rich or billions more for war profiteering corporations, while at the same time cut programs for working families like insurance for poor children, student loans, food stamps, veterans benefits, home heating programs for the elderly, Medicaid and Medicare. But the victims of these predatory programs do not automatically form into a united phalanx to do battle against the capitalist class.