We must avoid wasting time and effort on useless efforts that do nothing more than provide emotional uplift.

"Even if [local campaigns were] replicated 500 times they would not begin to attack the core problems of homelessness or joblessness or insecurity or the vast disparity between wealth and poverty, though they would create the illusion that something is being done, that the system delivers; it, too, 'works.'"

Joann Wypijewski, "A Stirring in the Land," The Nation, 9/8/97

"The welter of middle-class protest groups and 'left' organizations single-mindedly works to block the emergence of an independent political movement of the working class. They hover around the political corpse of American liberalism known as the Democratic Party, seeking at all costs to keep the working class trapped within its orbit."

Barry Grey, "The revolutionary implications of the decline of American capitalism," 14 October 2008, WSWS.org