The Bush Family Funded Hitler

In 1942, under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the United States government siezed all Union Banking Corporation stock shares, all of which were owned by Prescott Bush (Dubya's grandfather), E. Roland "Bunny" Harriman, three Nazi executives, and two other associates of Bush. Office of Alien Property Custodian, Vesting Order No. 248: The order was signed by Leo T. Crowley, President Franklin Roosevelt's Alien Property Custodian, executed Oct. 20, 1942; F.R. Doc. 42-11568; Filed, Nov. 6, 1942, 11:31 A.M.; 7 Fed. Reg. 9097 (Nov. 7, 1942). Also seized were Seamless Steel Equipment Corp; Holland-American Trading Corp; and Silesian-American Corp-- all companies under the control of Prescott Bush.