S p e c t r a l   S p y

     Harshly harried by the heinous hideousness of the hateful hidden horrors of the Criminal Cabal, we are mounting a new Astral Projection Stratagem to invisibly observe their secret outrages. They never know when we are invisibly observing their vile malevolence.

     This is an ongoing series of DIVULGENCES of their Evil Deeds. Observing their wrongdoing through Astral Projection, the fine details of the iniquitous events are sometimes hazy--as the images reveal. Nonetheless, we hear and see all, so we're able to report accurately as to their Evil Doings, however surprising the details turn out to be. Spectral Spies are also able to read the minds of the Evildoers, so even their inner thoughts are not safe from us.

On 9/11/01 we overheard what Andrew Card
whispered to Bush II in Florida.

On 9/21/06 we observed this through Astral Projection.

On 9/20/06 we overheard this phone call from Bush to Toshifumi Suzuki, the CEO of the 7-Eleven corporation.

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