The Hermetic Society
a New Revelation

"Our cause is a secret within a secret, a secret that only another secret can explain; it is a secret about a secret that is veiled by a secret."

Jafar as-Sidiq

     We are a cloaked society composed of a few initiated adepts who journey through history in order to preserve a core of Eternal Knowledge. History does not happen randomly. It is the work of the Masters of our Society, whom nothing escapes. Naturally, our Masters protect themselves through secrecy. And that is why anyone who says he is a Master, a Hermetic Knight, is lying. They must be sought elsewhere.

     We have deliberately kept our Arcane Knowledge hidden from the unitiated for many centuries. Because of recent psychic metamorphoses in the cosmos, we are able to make a part of our Knowledge available to the truly learned of the world.

     Humbly consider whether or not you are qualified to peruse this New Revelation, for to the heedless knowledge is disaster. If you feel capable of giving your best attention and thought to this New Divulgence, proceed to

The New Revelation