Beginning in the earliest historical memory of humankind, sex and fertility have been essential ingredients in the life of Homo Sapiens.

      As did Egyptians and Greeks, persons in the Taoist and Hindu traditions regarded sex as a normal part of humankind's existence.

      These early cultures and traditions even considered more exotic forms of sex to be acceptable.

      When genuine, esoteric Christianity was perverted into Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christianity, sex was branded as intrinsically evil, to be tolerated only for procreation.

      In Western, "Christian" culture sex is almost completely exploited as a way to sell goods and services and as a market for perversion and pornography.

      The Perennial Tradition helps to rescue sex from its debased and perverted state which it suffers in both Christian and Islamic cultures, bringing it back into its more normal condition and instructing in how to bring sex into its rightful, exalted state as a portal to Divine Ecstasy.