By   Norman D. Livergood

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Ch. 1: The Perennial Tradition
Ch. 2: Distinctive Themes of the Perennial Tradition
Ch. 3: Knowledge Through Prescribed Experience  
Ch. 4: States of Consciousness
Ch. 5: Initial Contact With Spiritual Forces
Ch. 6: Hermes Trismegistus
Ch. 7: Language and Human Evolution
Ch. 8: Perennialist Art
Ch. 9: Perennialist Artistic Creativity
Ch. 10: Illumination
Ch. 11: Philosophia: the Search for Wisdom
Ch. 12: Plato As A Perennialist Teacher
Ch. 13: Jesus As A Perennialist Teacher
Ch. 14: Movies With Perennialist Strains
Ch. 15: The West Re-discovers the Perennial Tradition
Ch. 16: Shakespeare's Perennialist Play
Ch. 17: The Whites: Perennialist Teachers
Ch. 18: Literature With Perennialist Strains
Ch. 19: Humor in the Perennial Tradition
Ch. 20: Unitive Consciousness
Ch. 21: Regeneration Into A Higher Consciousness
Transformative Readings and Images
Ancillary Essays
Study Program in the Perennial Tradition