You are encouraged to discontinue perusing the essay, because answers have been given or a choice made indicating that you are out of synch with what is being divulged. Perennialist material cannot be understood unless there is a corresponding development of being in the reader. This effort to discourage you from continuing may seem presumptuous, as though the author is assuming a superior air. On the contrary, these attempts to discourage readers from continuing are necessary because misusing or misapplying Perennialist instructional material can be dangerous to persons who have an unrealistic evaluation of themselves or a mind set of arrogance or disrespectful insolence.

      If your response indicates that you merely desire to receive information, without any intention to assimilate this knowledge, this attitude is not only insufficient even to establish effective contact with the informing intelligence in the material, but opens you to the danger of abusing dynamic elements that can negatively affect you.

      It is similar to a a young person "playing" with electricity: ignorance toying with potentially deadly energy. It becomes necessary to warn the young person not to trifle with such lethal force.