Rufus Moseley

     "I was never meant to be disciple of any disciple; I can only be a disciple at first hand of the Teacher of Teachers. . . . I cannot be anything other than an immediate disciple of Jesus and the Spirit of truth, getting my orders direct from the Source, not through imperfect and too often blind guides."

"I was born naturally and spiritually in an orthodox environment. In my quest for God's best, I sought Him, if happily I might find more of Him among the liberals than I had found among the orthodox. . . . Jesus was with me when I sought Him among the Hindus, the philosophers, the poets, and in the Christian science movement. I have found in the free romantic spirit of the poets more of what I am feeling after than I have in the philosophers and the theologians. More than any other mortals the poets have succeeded in giving glimpses of the shape of things to come. Plato, a poet as well as a philosopher, gave me idealism in such a perfect form that his appeal has been tremendous. It was while reading Plato that I had my first experience of being lost in the beauty of the ideal realm. Emerson, more than any other modern, has helped to induce me to cut loose from all other leadership and to be led by the Spirit. He has also said for me in the language of rare beauty and appeal much that I have been longing to say for myself."

"The mystery is that God, the author of this stupendous universe, can enter into such intimate fellowship with such tiny creatures as ourselves and achieve such grace, wisdom, and boldness in such stuff as we are."

"In the fourth empire philosophy reverts to its divine and original meaning--the love of wisdom, for it becomes an act of insight and contemplation rather than a process of reasoning. Instead of being a matter of opinion and counter opinion, it becomes the act of seeing and loving the self-evident processes and laws of life and thought, enabling and necessitating the joyous approval and perpetual celebration of the ways of God and of life. Philosophy becomes the understanding and self-evident explanation of ultimate reality."

"'My presence shall go with thee and give thee rest. Go in love and I shall always be with thee.'

"I knew this was the secret. If we abide in His love and always go in love, feeling and willing and giving out nothing but love and all possible love to all men and all things, we will always be in Him and under His anointing. It was made known to me that I could write editorials and do everything else that can be done in the loving Spirit of Jesus. I could even be in Heavenly places while plowing with a mule, pruning trees, in courtrooms, in death cells, in all places of need, provided all was done in the Spirit of love. It was also clear that one may give all his time to so-called religious work and yet, unless this work is done in the Spirit of Jesus, he will be outside of the Kingdom of God. It is not what we are doing, but the spirit and motive in which it is done that counts with God."

"If you are giving out God's love all the time, you will be in God all the time, for you are always a part of what you are giving out."

"Everything that is done in love is done by God Himself."

"Wisdom is the way that love does things."

"It is better to do what a good book says than it is to read a book."

"God's gifts of love and forgiveness and peace are such that for them to flow into us freely, they must flow out freely from us to all. We can have all the love, peace, joy and everything else of God that we are willing to pass on and share."

"All who go His way of love and immediate discipleship, know each other and greet each other across the centuries."