Genuine progressive leaders recognize the current Fake Revolutions throughout the world as nothing more than the insidious machinations of the capitalist cabal. One of the worst outcomes of such black flag operations is that workers worldwide begin to believe that they're bringing about real change in their nations, when, in fact, capitalist oppression remains the same--just with different dictators in control.

      Authentic leaders of the working class see through these deadly subterfuges and help workers discern what is actually going on--not what the capitalist press and the capitalist media (TV, radio, and Internet) are feeding them.

      It's unfortunate that some progressive leaders at this time are falling for the "world revolution" line the capitalist cabal is feeding them. This includes, regrettably, the usually highly intelligent and perspicacious members of the World Socialist Web Site. Here, for example, is Nick Beam on 2/25/2011, misinforming workers that the current fake revolutions represent an eruption of an international class struggle.

"These events--the eruption of the class struggle on an international scale--are a striking confirmation of the perspectives of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI). On January 23, we concluded our summer school in Sydney, insisting that amid mounting geo-political tensions, our focus was directed to the map of the class struggle. Against the proponents of the "end of history" thesis, we pointed to the most decisive process of the past 30 years--the unprecedented growth of the international working class. We made clear that the perspectives of our movement were directed to providing leadership to those forces whose demands and aspirations can find no outlet within the existing political set-up. Two days later, on January 25, the Egyptian Revolution began.

"Since then, the upsurge has spread across the Middle East--to Yemen, Bahrain, Libya--as every regime in the region, including the Israeli government, looks anxiously at the course of events. And now the movement has spread to the United States as mass demonstrations take place in Madison, Wisconsin. The significance of the demonstrations in America is not simply that they emerge from the same global economic processes that have produced revolution in Egypt--the world economic breakdown that began in 2007-2008. There is now a conscious recognition that workers in the US and Egypt are part of the same global struggle. It is reflected in some of the slogans . . . "Walk like an Egyptian" and "Hosni Walker". It will not be long before we see similar developments in Europe as the economic crisis intensifies and governments step up their attacks on the working class."


      Finally, on May 21, 2001, the World Socialist Web Site had to admit: "As with the movements in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere in the region, the protests are fuelled by fundamental democratic and social grievances. Like these other movements, however, in the absence of an independent socialist alternative, US imperialism is seeking to shape demands for 'regime change' in its own interests."

      The Website is deluding workers in similar ways:

"SCOTT WALKER may have won the battle, but he ignited a war that is far from over. After the uprising in Wisconsin, the class war in the U.S. is two-sided in a way it hasn't been for decades--offering the hope that in a few year's time, Walker's success in ramming through an anti-union law will seem less important than the birth of the movement of working people that arose to challenge him."

      Genuine leaders of the working class recognize the current upheavals in the Middle East, North Africa, and America as nothing more than the black flag operations of the capitalist cabal's CIA and governmental forces and that there has been no "birth of the movement of working people."

      Genuine transformation of American political and economic structures can only occur when workers and their leaders recognize when actual change is occurring and when not--and work for authentic replacement of the lethal capitalist system with a commonwealth polity for the benefit of all.