Creating Cooperative Commonwealth Communities

      In this epoch the only realistic strategy for workers is to create a commonwealth system that will ultimately replace capitalism entirely; no amount of tinkering with a totally failed capitalism is of any use. Workers no longer have any alternative between consenting to be atomized into millions of crushed, tamed individuals, or generalizing their struggles as widely as possible towards replacing the capitalist cabal itself with a genuine commonwealth polity. Workers must refuse to allow their struggles to be restricted to a purely economic, local, or sectional terrain and instead organize themselves in the embryonic forms of its future organs of power: cooperative commonwealth communities.

      The 2007 economic collapse revealed in the starkest terms the lethality of capitalist financial parasitism and criminality. Such revelations are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of American workers and with the proper genuinely progressive leadership can lead to profound changes in their political-economic awareness.

      We can anticipate that the American capitalist cabal will continue its unending series of wars of conquest and plunder--as has been made clear by the cabal puppet Obama. The cabal will continue its fictitious "war on terror," its insane drive to subjugate the peoples and resources of the world while coercing American workers into submission through a combination of fear-mongering and repression.

      While the capitalist cabal deludes itself into thinking that it has unlimited power, its rapid internal rot, as evidenced by the rise to its summit of the most predatory and criminal elements, demonstrates its actual escalating degeneration and impotence.

      Under these crisis conditions, the critical challenge is the development of a new revolutionary leadership of the international working class. These leaders will arm them with a fully-developed program and strategy to take political power into their own hands and begin the construction of a commonwealth society.