Background Essays

  1. Dialectic as the Mystical Science of Maieutic Psychagogy

  2. Contemporary Practice of Dialectical Interchange

  3. Dialectic As Transformative Interchange

  4. The Scholastic Distortion of Platonic Dialectic

  5. Dialectical Interpersonal Relationships

  6. Reading As Dialectical Interchange

  7. Dialectical Interchange Essay 1

  8. Dialectical Interchange Essay 2

  9. How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny

  10. How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

  11. Plato's Contemporary Relevance

  12. Dialectical (Shared) Meditation through Unitive Consciousness

  13. Dialectic As the Source of the Knowledge of Man

  14. Inner Dialectic

  15. Dialectical Communication

  16. The Mood and Flow of Dialectic

  17. Dialectic as Delineated by Paulo Freire