If used at all now, the term "genocide" usually refers to such atrocities as Rwanda, Armenia, or Darfur, and are largely ignored as inevitable.

      The reality of mass murder of a group--genocide--is so outlandish that it's difficult for people to grasp that it not only goes on in such places as modern-day Africa, but is being used by the American capitalist class to exterminate American workers.

      Cabal propagandists recoil in feigned horror when someone uses such a term as "genocide" or "class warfare" in reference to themselves. Meanwhile they're making sure another million American workers lose their jobs, becoming homeless and destitute, leading to their ultimate death.

      It's essential for us to realize that the same demonic cabal that supported Hitler and helped bring his Nazi party into power in 1930s is now--through its Obama junta--reinstituting the same genocidal policies as before. As usual, these vermin flee whenever exposed. John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says that forced abortions and mass sterilization are needed to save the planet.