Capitalist cabal members--and their willing or inadvertent fellow-travelers--like to pretend that all advances that have been made in human culture in capitalist-dominated societies are the direct outcome of the capitalist economic system. Capitalists and their stooges claim--erroneously--that any economic system other than capitalism leads to worker impoverishment and murder.
     Capitalists pretend that there are important distinctions between various types of capitalism:

  • Industrial capitalism: producing profit through manufacturing and distribution

  • Finance capitalism: producing profit through the manipulation of financial instruments (bonds, stocks, securities, derivatives, etc.) bank

          However, both the production and finance functions are crucial to capitalism and there has never been an exclusively industrial or finance type of capitalism, always a combination of both functions.
          Many people, even while seeing capitalism's criminal devastation of our economy, its total indifference to worker unemployment, lack of healthcare, homelessness, and poverty, still delude themselves that the problem is not capitalism in general, but the kind of capitalism we have.
          Even a person as perspicacious as Max Keiser is still deluding himself that capitalism in general is okay, that it's just the predatory form of capitalism that's to be condemned.
         Some thinkers such as Webster Tarpley believe that we can salvage capitalism by emphasizing the industrial and manufacturing aspects and downplaying the financial aspects. These theorists point to the conditions in America and Europe immediately after World War II when workers enjoyed higher wages and a more benign system of social benefits. They maintain that the only difficulty with capitalism is that it has been taken over by the finance capitalists: the zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas.
         In actuality, capitalism has always included both the manufacturing and the finance aspects, amalgamating in predatory capitalism which has always worked to the long-range impoverishment and ultimate genocide of workers worldwide. Multinational capitalist corporations move their manufacturing plants to wherever the labor market is cheapest, where they can get the largest tax break from the host country, and where they can be assured that the host country will adopt a currency that can be traded without danger of political interference.
          Joseph Stiglitz, a capitalist fellow-traveler economist, suggests that America must now focus its economy on service-industry jobs instead of manufacturing jobs. Stiglitz is trying to make American workers believe that the capitalist economy hasn't yet shifted to service-industry jobs, when in fact the shift has already taken place--resulting in jobs that don't pay a living wage!

          Capitalism is intrinsically evil in that it cares only for the enrichment of the capitalist class, while impoverishing and destroying the working class.
          Workers must realize that capitalism is a totally failed system and so systemically demonic that it cannot be revised. To rid ourselves of this evil political-economic nightmare of vulture capitalism, we must work peacefully to help workers awaken to what is actually going on in the world and create cooperative commonwealth communities.