Along with battling negative forces of destruction, we must make certain to acknowledge the great many people in whom courageous impulses are in the ascendancy. These persons constitute a powerful--ultimately victorious--countervailing force for good, a mighty alliance dedicated to human evolution and the establishment of institutions and processes for the benefit of all humankind.

     We should celebrate courageous people, their ideas and actions, to encourage all of us to similar daring effort. In a world in which the forces of devastation have almost complete control of the media, we need to memorialize brilliant beacons of enlightenment and valiancy radiating out to all persons of intelligence and goodwill.

     This Website is dedicated to celebrating courage in the struggle against oppression, wherever it occurs. At the highest level of comprehension, we see that depraved influences--such as we are battling--wreak havoc by destroying meanings, capabilities and values. Our invincible alliance for decency, integrity, and unity defeats such noxious influences by persisting in our understanding of deathless ideals, seeing through the mind-destroying brainwashing of the enemy forces, performing life-affirming actions, and establishing a more perfect union of positive forces wiwthin commonwealth communities.