We must remember that Socrates was condemned to death by a theocratic, fake-democratic Athens--a slave society. That is, Athens combined a corrupt political system--a pretend-democracy controlled by a plutocracy--with a religious system based on contrived gods and goddesses.

    The trumped-up charges made against Socrates:

  • He studies things in the heavens and below the earth.

  • He makes the worse argument into the stronger (better) argument.

  • Socrates is guilty of corrupting the young.

  • Socrates does not believe in the gods of the city.

    No matter how benign a theocracy might seem, it is deadly. This is why the cooperative communities have no organized religious affiliations or belief-systems.

    "Today there is no such thing as a non-theocratic state – a state not ruled by an explicit or implicit ‘god-concept’. Instead, every state is ‘theocratic’ - whether its god-concept be Allah or Neo-Liberalism; whether its prophets be Moses or Jesus, Mohammed, Darwin or Adam Smith; whether it be founded on the fundamentalist dogmas of monotheist religions, market economics, or materialist sciences, and whether its high-priests are corporate managers, Islamic Mullahs, Zionist zealots, or Christian missionaries. Nazism and Stalinism too, were atheist theocracies, divinising the Nation and its Great Leader and combining materialist science with militarism and industrial feudalism. Hitler’s ‘religion’ was not some archaic form of Teutonic neo-paganism but biologism - supposedly ‘scientific’ medicine and genetics. . .

"Yet the grave civilisational crisis we face today - economic, educational, ecological and cultural – can not be seen as a result of a ‘clash of civilisations’ with their differing values and God-concepts. Instead this very clash is the result of an attempt to impose a single global monoculture – that based on the religious dogmas of neo-liberal economics, the worship of The Market. Its single ‘mission’ is the use of economic and military power to ensure transformation of the entire globe and all its natural resources – from genetic raw materials of life to water itself - into the most profitable commodities that can be made of them - irrespective of their affordability by the vast masses who cannot pay the price for them. It is the drive of capitalist theocracy – the theocracy of private capital, of the commodity, and of commercial exploitation and commodification - for global dominance that now threatens civilisation as a whole with ecological, economic and nuclear catastrophes. It is global capitalist theocracy, centred in the United States, that can spend 3 trillion dollars on a single war whilst allowing 15,OOO children to die each day of malnutrition and keeping billions in poverty through the abuse of its global economic power."