Dialectical Interchange (excerpt)





We're interested in determining if you possess sufficient intellectual, emotional, and financial stability to participate effectively in the community we're developing.

What other skills do you have that would be contributory to building a community?

What does your brother think of you?

I think we can stop here for now. Thanks for participating with us in this interchange.

How long have you been in your present position as manager of the storage facility and what did you do before that?

Why do you feel you would like to participate in building a cooperative community?

You indicated that you drink only moderately, do you take prescription or non-prescription drugs on a regular basis?

We'll be in touch with you as to the status of your application.

You're aware that an applicant for membership in the community has to possess a minimum of $50,000 net worth and must invest $25,000 in the enterprise?

Whom do you try to help see these things?

What relationships do you have with others?

I've been manager of the storage facility for a year and a half. Before that I worked part-time as a construction worker and other part-time jobs.

As I indicated, I've recently received a $120,000 inheritance, so I have the minimum amount required and can invest $25,000 of that.

Some carpentry and electrician skills, bookkeeping, management of a facility.

I see the destruction that the capitalist system is fosting [sic] on American people. I've been trying to help people see how bad the situation in the U.S. really is.

I tried to help my mother understand things, before she passed away. I argue with my brother, whose [sic] a conservative, that his way of looking at things is messed up.

He thinks I'm a nut job, almost a communist, because I rant about capitalism.

I smoke a joint now and then, that's about all.

I play guitar with a rock band. I have a girl friend, though she's pretty out of it, has a problem with alcohol.