Dialectical Interchange (excerpt)






Sounds like you've benefited from your common interest in this commonwealth community.

It appears there'd be no major problem if you decided to separate or divorce?

You both understand, I take it, that each applicant is considered as a separate person, independent of their relationship with a spouse or significant other?

Looks like we won't have to worry about either of you two being too dependent on the other, as we've had to do with some other applicant couples.

Even though we've discussed this important move together, we each came to the decision to apply on our own.

Our common interest in applying for membership in your community brought us closer together, as we had been.

I'd say we're both "radically" independent and we like that in each other. Yes, we could survive separately, but we've chosen to remain together over the years--for a lot of good reasons.

To be perfectly frank, Elizabeth and I were somewhat drifting apart when we came upon your community on the Internet. As we've studied your plans for a cooperative community, we both were very excited.

Over our years together, we've considered separating or divorcing, but we've found very good reasons for remaining together. For my part, I consider Elizabeth my best friend. I've always respected her independence--which at times gets pretty radical.