This novella presents the picture of fictitious cooperative commonwealth communities. It is written exclusively for readers genuinely interested in the possibility of actually participating in a cooperative commonwealth community. Only if you're convinced that a new form of political-economic-social system must be produced to replace the soul-destroying abominations of fascist capitalism will you have a chance of understanding this novella.

    As we come to the extraordinary issues dealt with in this book, it's necessary to repeat the admonition that you honestly evaluate your interest in a real-world embodiment of the ideas in this novella and determine if you possess the capabilities of unbiased, open-minded, intelligent evaluation of the concepts, values, and procedures presented herein.

      The fictitious communities described in this novella represent a group of extraordinary humans who possess unparalleled intellectual, emotional, and physical capabilities. These are not, in other words, persons such as you find in the current capitalist-dominated culture. If you're incapable of extending your thought-patterns beyond your present experience, you'll be unable to understand these people and will, inevitably, misinterpret their nature, distorting your picture of them based on your prejudices, bigotry, presumptions, intolerance, and narrow-mindedness.