Chapter Nine: Revision and Prevision

      The Humboldt calamity convinced the Outlook CCC and the State CCC Council to make revisions in crucial areas of operation:

  1. Training program:

    A. Two additional training tests over supplemental material

    B. Additional material on distinctions between capitalism, socialism,

    worker-owned capitalist companies, and CCC-style cooperatives
  2. A six-month apprenticeship required of every Manager and Technician

  3. A twelve-month apprenticeship required of every Overseer

  4. Bylaws and Rules

      All twelve members of the former Humboldt County CCC were folded into the Outlook CCC, residing in the first of a planned series of shared housing compounds. At the end of the turmoil in Humboldt County, a few of the CCC members had been threatened by junta members brandishing hand guns. In response, the State CCC Council decided that all CCC members should be checked out on the use of weapons and have access to a weapon in case of emergency or threat.

      Joel Thompson found a nearby indoor firing range and supervised member training. He also outlined security measures for each of the three remaining county CCC sites.

      Unexpectedly, Fred Collins' old FBI agent friend, William Grant, called him from Sacramento and told him he'd be coming down the next day, that he had some serious information to share with a small group. Fred asked Joan, Joal, and Elbridge to attend the meeting; they met in secret at Fred's home. The FBI agent began the session by informing them that he would never be able to testify about the information he was sharing, that it must never be divulged to anyone else because it involved a rogue FBI unit that he had uncovered. If it leaked, his life would be in danger.

      "A rogue FBI unit," Grant said, "has targeted your CCC statewide organization and all your individual sites. One of the undercover agents is named Stephen Freitag. Sound familiar?"

      The Outlook group looked at each other in dismay. So that's what the Humboldt County crisis had been all about. The CCC training hadn't failed; a terrorist agent had been planted in their midst to try to ensure that the entire enterprise failed.

      Grant continued. "The suit you won against the Freitag group set the rogue unit back considerably, but they're still in operation and will continue unless you can stop them."

      "How do you suggest we try to stop them?" Fred asked.

      "Well, I hate to admit it, but with this present criminal Obama administration and an Attorney General that won't prosecute crime, you have almost no recourse through the justice system. You were lucky to get the judgment you did through the California State Supreme Court."

      "Then how would you suggest we proceed," Joan asked.

      "If I were you," Grant suggested, "I'd begin with a thorough background check on Freitag and the other three members of what you called his junta. They were members of your Humboldt cooperative, so you have some background on them already. I can't do any more digging or I'll get into trouble. Even the little I did resulted in my being administratively reprimanded. One thing I can tell you is that the trail I was following when I was shut down led straight to the White House."

      "Sorry about the reprimand," Fred said to Grant, "we certainly do appreciate your going out on a limb for us. And, of course, we wouldn't want you to endanger your situation any more whatsoever." He looked seriously at his friend. "Is there anyone you could suggest who would be able to help us without getting himself into trouble?"

      There's a gal in San Francisco by the name of Frances Hightower, a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), a group of current and former officials of the United States Intelligence Community. She was a CIA agent who liased with an FBI unit I used to be in. She's the bravest woman I ever knew. She's retired from the CIA, but still active in digging into things she shouldn't, if you know what I mean?"

      "Sure," Fred replied. "Do you think she'd be willing to help us?"

      "I went ahead to tell her about your organization, when I ran into her at a conference. She seemed interested, so I'd suggest you contact her and see what you could work out."

      The Outlook group sincerely thanked Agent Grant as the meeting ended. After the Sacramemto FBI agent had left, Joan began the discussion. "Fred, it would probably be best if you contact this woman in San Francisco, because of your FBI ties." Fred and the group agreed. In preparation, they also examined the information they had on Freitag and the other three ex-CCC members; they found nothing of significance.

      The ex-CIA agent was willing to meet with the four, so they set the time and place of the meeting and travelled to San Francisco. Frances Hightower was an attractive single woman of about sixty-five years of age, with an exceptionally bright mind and a pleasing disposition. She knew some of the background of the Humboldt County situation already and the group filled her in on the rest.

      "I first want to make sure you all understand," Hightower said, "that some of what I'll discuss today is highly classified and must not be shared with anyone other than you four."

      The Outlook group assured her that they understood and agreed.

      "I went ahead to do some digging on your friend Freitag," Hightower continued, "and something interesting reared its ugly head. It seems Grupenfuhrer Freitag was one of the lead operatives who worked with Vice President Cheney in making sure the US Airforce didn't scramble an alert on 9/11."

      The four were flabbergasted at this information. "Why in the world isn't he being prosecuted?" Fred asked in dismay.

      "Fred, the FBI you were in was a very different animal than the present corrupt skeleton it now is," Hightower said, "and the same is true of the CIA and all other intelligence agencies. They've all been degraded into political instruments of a cabal that runs the entire federal government." She looked at all of them, to make sure what she said was sinking in.

      "You mean that it's somewhat common knowledge that 9/ll was a black intelligence operation?" Fred asked in amazement.

      "Yes," Hightower replied, "since the 2000 Bush-Supreme Court coup d'etat, the US has essentially become a police state--and the situation continues under the Obama administration." She waited for this to register. "And, no, there's not much anyone can do--inside or outside the government. Nine-Eleven, the fake WMD pretence for the Iraq Offensive, torture and rendition, the outing of a CIA agent, domestic spying, a criminalized Department of Justice, war-profiteering, subprime crimes, trillion dollar looting of taxpayer money for the fat cats, they're all tentacles of this cabal that's seized control of the country. And the Obama administration has continued the same police state tactics as the Bush junta."

      Frances Hightower paused to observe the expressions on their faces. "No, I don't wear a tinfoil beanie with a propeller on top, though I am a member of the Grassy Knoll Club. Quite a large number of us ex-spooks know what's really going on, though not many are members of VIPS. We have our own organization, though I'm not at liberty to tell you anything else about it than its existence: we're not ready to go public, if we ever will be."

      "Are there other similar organizations to yours in other countries?" Fred asked, "Are you at liberty to tell us that?"

      "Yes, I'm pleased to say that we're in operational contact with comparable groups worldwide." Hightower replied. "And perhaps the most important information I have for you today is that all these organizations are in sympathy with what your CCC organization is doing, because we see your group as one of the few in the world at present who provides any hope for a better future."

      The four could hardly believe their ears. They expressed their gratitude to Ms. Hightower for the information.

      "We live in a 'through the looking-glass' world," Hightower said, "so Freitag's complicity in the 9/11 crime won't be used against him. But we've unearthed information about his running a child-pornography ring in Washington, DC for some highly-placed federal scum-bags--all of which we've detailed in this dossier." She handed Fred a folder.

      "We think it best if your organization establishes connection with the few independent news investigators that we've listed in the dossier, so you can make the information known to these writers who will then release it in their papers and magazines. Your CCC organization is going to need functional news outlets and this is the way to create them."

   As Frances Hightower was leaving, she made a final suggestion. "If I were your group, I'd create a private, parallel Internet for each of your separate community centers. If not already, you should be aware that at present the National Security Administration (NSA) records every one of your email messages and records all your Internet activity, keystroke by keystroke." She looked at the group to make certain they understood the gravity of what she was saying. "Set up rooftoop wifi antennas composing a mesh and set up your own wireless security system. Between community centers you should use code or encryption. Just a suggestion."

      Within the next several weeks, CCC had created a wifi private internet mesh at each of the community centers and were communicating between centers through code. The group also contacted all the investigative journalists Hightower had listed, providing them with the extraordinary information about undercover agent Stephen Freitag and his child-pornography ring in Washington, DC. When the news broke in the New Yorker, the article included a brief mention of the Humboldt County CCC episode.

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