Chapter Eleven: Expansion and Augmentation

      As the four initial CCC sites achieved stability, it became easier to expand each cooperative to take in nearby communities and counties. Within two years after the first site had been initiated, CCC had cooperatives covering three large areas in California: northern counties, beginning with Humboldt; counties near Sonoma county; and a southern area contiguous with San Luis Obispo and San Diego counties (see the areas marked by a black edge).

      The cabal had perpetrated a second 9/ll: the destruction of American workers and the American economy--for the purpose of cabal enterprises buying up bankrupt companies for pennies on the dollar. The fact that this meant the impoverishment and decimation of workers worldwide was of no concern to cannibalistic capitalists. The world economy was now collapsing at an alarming rate, with hundreds of businesses failing and millions of workers thrown out of work. The subprime criminal enterprise proved to be the straw that broke the world economy back. Billions in taxpayer money was used to bail out failed banks and criminal enterprises. After the U.S. federal government was forced to "rescue" dozens of failed institutions with several trillion dollars, it had to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

      Then, the beginning of the end, when the first large financial institution, Lehman Brothers, was allowed to fail, without the FED trying to bail it out. President Obama's economic team forced Congress to allocate over a trillion dollars in additional taxpayer dollars to buy bank assets and the entire economy began to go down the tubes at a horrifying speed. There was a pretense of trying to create 2.5 million new jobs, but after eighteen months of so-called "preparation" it was clear that there would be no new jobs.

      The Cooperative Commonwealth Communities were now able to expand somewhat, because Americans were finally becoming aware that Wall Street predators were seizing their homes through real estate scams and plunging them into unemployment and destitution by destroying the economy. The widespread failure of businesses and corporations meant that more people were seeking genuine economic alternatives superior to capitalism. But worsening economic conditions also meant that fewer persons possessed $50,000 qualifying them for applying for membership.

      The CCC cooperatives didn't completely control the political or economic life of the areas where they were located in California; local, county, and state governing agencies were still in operation. But CCC communities now influenced an increasng number of California counties and were able to sway the election of a large number of state and federal congresspersons.

      Through the leadership of Darby White, who had earlier worked in banking and investments, the CCC State Council had invested all CCC assets in gold and silver coins, secured in a small credit union that Darby had set up in Outlook. As the American economy collapsed, the dollar's value plunged and China and other nations began to pull their assets out of dollars into Euros and other sound currencies. The CCC cooperatives were able to realize a profit of approximately 300% on their gold and silver coins.

      Iran and other oil-producing countries began to trade in Euros and the dollar was soon in free-fall. As could be expected, as the American economy collapsed, the predatory cabal expanded its threats and military aggressions beyond Afghanistan and Iraq into Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela.

      People worldwide rose up in indignation against the naked aggression of the American cabal and its British, Asian, and European puppet governments. These regimes retaliated with more intense oppression and destruction of civil liberties. Each of these aggressor nations instituted the military draft and began fascist regimentation, including price control and rationing, resulting in even more widespread rebellion against the central authorities.

The New Civil War

      To try to keep competitor nations in line, the cabal-controlled American junta found it necessary to maintain operational military forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, South Korea, and Colombia. The draft extended the size of the military forces available for pre-emptive assaults and occupation, but with the American economy in collapse, the cabal found it necessary to finance worldwide militarism with increased deficit spending.

      At the same time, because of America's attack on Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia declared war with the United States and Russia joined them in support of Chavez's struggle against American forces attacking his country.

      Because of the millions of unemployed American workers, the cabal found it necessary to force Americans into military-production labor camps, which resulted in bands of private citizens forming into underground militia groups. The United States devolved into civil war, with government forces trying to find and destroy the American underground militias. The US military began deploying active duty regular Army combat units for full-time use inside the United States to deal with emergencies, including potential civil unrest. The cabal also used private mercenary units from Blackwater and other lawless companies in its struggle against domestic dissent and insurrection.

      The state CCC Oversight Council found it necessary to add a section to the CCC screening and training procedures on the Website to make certain that persons were not considered for membership who were merely reacting to widespread civil unrest throughout America and the world. One of the primary questions for applicants became why it was that they had not applied prior to political and economic upheaval bursting so obviously and extensively on the world scene.

      As the overall conditions in America deteriorated rapidly, a slowly increasing number of people--qualified and unqualified--petitioned for admission into the cooperative communities. In many instances, unacceptable applicants ranted against the CCC policies instead of making a genuine request. Some of the comments were of this nature:

"You CCC people are elitist. $50,000 net worth membership requirement? Where, exactly does one get $50,000 these days? What sorts of things must one do to acquire that kind of wealth? What is the history of such wealth? As for training and screening. . . I don't see that as necessary or egalitarian. One doesn't need a college degree. One just needs a heart and some ambition. Also, it seems your [sic] selling short my generation as a bunch of dumb slackers. We're 'slackers' precisely because we don't want to work for the corporate machine. It's not laziness.

    "We get accused of laziness by older generations. For us, being a slacker is largely a moral stance against 'selling out' to the corporate world. I honestly think older people do not understand these things. Anyhow, we WANT an alternative - an alternative that doesn't cost $50,000.

    "The new civilization should not need to be built separately from the old one. The new civilization needs to take over and OWN the old one and restructure it. All of New York City and Los Angeles has [sic] to become full of cooperatives. People who think and want an alternative should not flee to some rural cooperative paradise and pretend to be independent from the capitalist country that technically provides them with corporate military protection."

      For CCC members, such comments confirmed their confidence in the necessity for rigorous screening and training and a prerequisite of a minimum net worth of $50,000.

      The Panel also added sections on the new civil war and the saving remnant, and saving remnant outlook to its training program, so all members--current and new--would understand the official policy of CCC on the struggle against capitalism and dictatorship.


      As the American economy went even further into the tank, the Cabal ordered its American puppet President to activate Operation Armageddon: nuclear destruction of the San Francisco Bay area--blamed on terrorists.

    The president imposed martial law across the nation. Wall Street collapsed and the dollar plunged on world currency markets. Constitutional liberties were suspended and approximately 2 million Americans were summarily arrested and taken to the more than 800 "re-training" centers across the nation.

      The CCC sites found it relatively easy to remain under the federal radar, representing oases of civil order and competent governing regimens. They were dedicated to non-violent defeat of the cabal and its fascist capitalist system, so they simply continued as they had before, assisting the tyrannized masses as it became possible. They set up civil protection systems at all sites to repel the marauding militia and army groups, that quickly passed through to other locations.

      Since the CCC cooperatives had taken over the municipalities in which they resided, it was possible to give the appearance that they were nothing more than small towns or cities operating under normal conditions. The fact that they also operated as cooperatives did not appear to the state and federal authorities as antagonistic to their order. The CCC community groups made sure not to have anything to do with violence-prone militia groups.

      The differences between the larger society--which had become a fascistic totalitarian regime--and the cooperative communities were too subtle for most people. But for precisely those persons the CCC communities were interested in recruiting the distinctions were clearly apparent. The communities decided that they would continue recruiting for the sites already set up, before expanding to other western states.

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