Ancillary Training Program

      This documents provides an overview of the Ancillary Training Program for the Cooperative Commonwealth Communities enterprise. You will begin this program by carefully studing these five essays:

      After finishing this initial assignment, complete the additional elements of the training program in the order listed below:


  1. Training Test

  2. The Unity and the Individual

  3. Commonwealth Mind Set

Study Material

  1. Dialectical Interchange

  2. The Person and Dialectic

  3. Enlightening Groups

  4. Transformative Groups

  5. The New Civil War

  6. The Saving Remnant

  7. Allegory of the Saving Remnant

  1. Dialectical Relaltionships

  2. Looking Backward

  3. Capitalist Compensation

  4. Competent Masses

  5. Capitalist Myths

  6. CCC Principles

  7. History of Cooperatives

  1. Cooperative Education

  2. Upton Sinclair, Coop

  3. Jack London, The Iron Heel

  4. Jack London, War of the Classes

  5. Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution

  6. Superconsciousness