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  1. ďWhat we take to be reality is actually a kind of illusionĒ means:

    Many persons do not see the destructive depredations of the demonic cabal
    Most people see the physical world as the only real reality
    Both answers 1 and 2 are true
    Only answer 1 is true

  2. There are higher dimensions of being means

    A person automatically knows on which dimension of being he has his ultimate reality
    A personís ultimate reality is on the transcendent level of being
    Along with the earthly atmosphere there is also a global atmosphere
    The metaphysical realm is on the same ontological level as the physical world

  3. The secret legacy which teaches the ancient transformative process, the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of philosophy and mysticism, is

    The Perennial Philosophy as explicated by Aldous Huxley
    The orthodox Christian Tradition
    The Tradition of Medieval physical Alchemy
    The Perennial Tradition

  4. The Perennial Tradition

    Is subjectively adapted to fixed, traditional needs by any interested teacher from the changing stream of Truth
    Remains essentially the same in doctrine throughout the ages
    Can be adapted effectively by anyone who has any interest in it
    Is creatively adapted to contemporary needs by initiated teachers from the identical stream of Perennialist truth

  5. Each Perennialist teacher develops a different embodiment of fundamental Perennialist truths, because:

    She is borrowing from her predecessors and building her own philosophical system on the basis of her personal ideas
    She wants to receive acclaim for personally creative ideas instead of staying with old ideas
    She borrows her ideas from past teachers but wants to create her own doctrines based on her personal ideas
    The needs of her students, relative to their own time and place in history, require new compilations and techniques

  6. The Perennial Tradition possesses:

    A series of dogmas that demand absolute credence if persons are to receive salvation from their transgressions
    An actual science or technology for helping specially selected students develop higher states of consciousness
    Interesting ideas which can influence readers and students if they believe the doctrines presented
    Astounding, exciting concepts that many readers and students find emotionally stimulating and intellectually exhilarating

  7. A beginning seeker

    Lacks the ability to discern a true teacher
    Possesses the ability to recognize a true teacher because of his innate rationality
    Finds a teacher by seeing who seems most genuine to him
    Knows intuitively who is and who isnít a genuine teacher

  8. The fact that the teacher must "find" the seeker

    Does not diminish the seekerís responsibility for searching for the teacher and preparing
    Is not a fact at all; it is the opposite of the truth
    Is an absurd idea, since the seeker must find the teacher
    Diminishes the seeker's responsibility for searching for the teacher and preparing

  9. The superior experience and knowledge will be made available to a man or woman

    No matter whether they deserve it or not, because God loves all equally
    By a loving deity who treats all persons equally and makes experience and knowledge to all
    In precise ratio to their relationship with Jesus the Christ
    In exact accordance with their capacity and earning of it

  10. Perennialist knowledge

    Has, unfortunately, been completely lost and suppressed because of the onslaughts of the demonic cabal
    Is hiding from the world because it has gone underground due to demonic tyranny
    Constitutes an ancient, arcane, irreplaceable knowledge, which an advanced teacher intuits, understands, formulates, transmits, and applies in a specific contemporary manner
    Is made up of a series of concepts from ancient teachers from which contemporary teachers borrow to form their own personal doctrines

  11. Perennialist transformative material is

    Psychological and psychiatric techniques which produce startling mental change in Perennialist clients
    An authentic representation and explication of reality in the same manner as mathematical formulae or scientific laboratory manuals and textbooks are
    Theories and concepts within traditional philosophy which persons study to discover how various teachers built their systems from elements provided by earlier traditional philosophers
    Conjectures about the ultimate nature of reality

  12. . ďThe . . . one who really possesses the science of statesmanship would do many things in relation to his own activity by using his expertise, without taking any notice of the written laws, when other things appear to him to be better, contrary to those that have been written down. . ." means:

    Perennialist teachers could not be identified as possessing the science of statesmanship
    Statesmen could not possibly be Perennialist teachers
    Perennialist teachers, including those with expertise in statesmanship, determine what is true and appropriate without necessarily referring to written laws
    Perennialist teachers play fast and loose with the truth, often totally ignoring written laws and principles, because they assume they possess the ultimate truth while others donít

  13. Transformative material has a "security capacity" means

    It could only be accessed by persons possessing the required password
    It contains viciously deceitful elements to divert unsuitable persons to the kind of nonsense they enjoy
    Such material has a means of making it impossible for unprepared and unsuitable persons to understand or benefit from it
    It contains alarms that activate if unsuitable persons try to access it

  14. Allowing a person to continue in the advanced study program when he is not developing capabilities with which to contribute to the Work

    Would be the Christian thing to do
    Would place the student in a perilous situation
    Would be kind on the part of the teacher because the student may simply be unable to develop the necessary capabilities
    Would be useful to the student in allowing him to analyze his lack of development

  15. The Metaphysical Grand Panjandrum described in the essay

    Was gracious enough to agree with the authorís self-assessment
    Was self-deluded and metaphysically presumptuous
    Was such an advanced spiritual Higherphant that the author was incapable of assisting him
    Lights the way for the undiscerning many

  16. A Perennialist teacher

    Criticizes all religious organizations and tries to get people to leave them
    Is unable to work with persons who have their attention divided between some other focus of study and the advanced study program
    Works with persons who have other interests and tries to get them to make Perennialist study most important to them
    Thinks that anyone who attends church is stupid

  17. Admittance into this advanced study program is available

    Only to those who demonstrate that they possess the correct kind of capability, understanding, and attitude
    To all and no attempt is made to discourage persons who are merely curious
    Only to those who feel very strongly that they possess the correct kind of capability, understanding, and attitude
    To those who are aware that advanced knowledge is essentially identical with ordinary opinion

  18. Admission into the advanced study program as a probationary student would not require

    Experiencing epiphanies that have produced definite incipient intellectual, emotional, and spiritual transformations in you
    Being able to demonstrate that you can think and act in an augmented, effectual, exceptional manner
    Having the determination to contribute all your time and money to the True Church of Christ the Savior
    Experiencing definite, discernible epiphanies which give you evidence of the dynamic force contained within the material

  19. Your commitment to the study program would have to extend to your being able and eager to relocate if and when your studies progressed to the point where that would be appropriate implies

    You donít need to actually begin planning toward relocating, since it is merely a vague possibility
    You would not necessarily need to begin planning for this eventuality from the beginning of your entry into the study program
    All your present and future commitments would need to be evaluated in relation to this eventuality
    If you couldnít actually relocate if that proved appropriate, you could still succeed in the study program

  20. Dialectical interchange is not

    Debate and conversation similar to that which occurs in college classrooms
    Investigation into transcendent issues by prepared participants
    A shared mystical experience which requires advanced capabilities
    Something which is limited to those persons provisionally admitted to the instructional and screening procedure


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