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Movies Recommended to See Movies Recommended Not to See
  Any movie featuring these non-actors:
  Any movie directed by these non-directors:
1984 Blade
American Beauty Mel Brooks
Being There Tim Burton
Bob Roberts James Cameron
Bowling for Columbine Steve Carell
Casablanca Chevy Chase
Clan of the Cave Bear Rob Corddry
Copying Beethoven Tom Cruise
Emma (1996) Sandra Dee
Executive Action Vin Diesel
Good Night and Good Luck Troy Donahue
Grand Canyon Will Ferrell
Groundhog Day Mel Gibson
Harvey Andy Griffith
Hucksters Goldie Hawn
In the Name of the Father Kate Hudson
It's a Wonderful Life Janet Jackson
Jane Eyre (2006) Michael Jackson
Little Dorrit (2009) Martin Lawrence
Made in Heaven Mike Myers
Mansfield Park (1999) Elvis Presley
Michael Clayton Chris Rock
Panama Connection Adam Sandler
Parallax View Martin Scorsese
Persuasion Steven Segall
Pride and Prejudice (1940) Ben Stiller
Resurrection John Travolta
Sense and Sensibility (1995) Bruce Willis
Soylent Green  
Thirteen Days  
Wall Street  
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