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Norman left this message:14:48

Hello Brooks!

Brooks left this message:14:05

Hello Norman. may I call you Norman?

Norman left this message:14:09


What is the situation at present with your relocation to Vista?

Brooks left this message:14:09

Getting my bearings here

Brooks left this message:14:10

trying to get my affairs in order so that I can pln to vist with you

Brooks left this message:14:11

I am awaiting the settlement of my father's estate so that I can proceed once that is settled

Brooks left this message:14:11

how is everything in Vista?

Brooks left this message:14:13

are you still with me?

Norman left this message:14:14

I think it might be good if you could rent, with option to buy, a parcel nearby that:
1) Has its own water supply
2) Contains some acreage for planting a garden
3) Has a large enough house (or several buildings) for meetings, guests, etc.

Brooks left this message:14:14

sounds like an interesting possibility

Brooks left this message:14:15

would it be possible to visit wiht you and check it out while I am there?

Brooks left this message:14:16

I am somewhat surprised that I am the first one to be considered for membership in the CCC enterprise

Norman left this message:14:17

Everything is good in Vista. This specific area (Vista, Bonsal) has one of the best climates in the world (mild, some rain, etc.).

Michelle and I are experiencing some health concerns, but handling these with some help from our HMO (Kaiser) physicians plus Michelle's expertise in herbal medicine. She experienced several mini-strokes earlier but has now resolved that problem. I take medication for an enlarged prostate and now am working to clear my arteries.

Brooks left this message:14:18

sorry to hear that you are dealing with health issues. I wish well and a speedy recovery. Health becomes more important as one grows older. Makes me more aware of the value of time

Norman left this message:14:19

It would be a good idea for you to visit first and we can all see what the prospects are as we discuss various plans and processes.

Brooks left this message:14:20

I think tthat is a good idea I hope that I can do that sonn perhpas in the next month or two

Brooks left this message:14:21

ther are some things I would like to talk about and discuss in person moreso than over the internet

Norman left this message:14:21

Are you interested in developing a relationship with a female either there before you visit here or here once you have relocated? Have you considered Internet mating services? Michelle and I met through an ad in a local (San Diego) paper--so we're sold on that process.

Brooks left this message:14:22

I am continuing to read the recommended essays for the preparation for theCCC enterprise

Brooks left this message:14:24

I would very much like to have a relationship with a good woman but I may wait to see how things work out with moving and the enterprise. of course I am always open to meeting a nice woman and receptive to someone for whom there is amutual attraction

Norman left this message:14:24

I think it would be good for you to visit as soon as it is convenient for you to do so.

Brooks left this message:14:25

I agree. perhaps i could drive out there when things settle down a bit and I have a better idea of where I stand in relation to the settlement of my father'sestate

Brooks left this message:14:27

do you still plan to move to a small town of 3000 or fewer people to begin one of the communities?

Norman left this message:14:28

There are some FREE Internet matching services (and I'd recommend you not pay for any matching service, since the free ones seem to provide equally good service).

OKCupid is a free matching service that seems effective. And I'm sure there are others you could find.

Brooks left this message:14:29

when would be a good time to visit you?

Brooks left this message:14:29

Cupid you say?

Norman left this message:14:30

We plan to remain in the Vista area and perhaps relocate closer to a small community just south of here called Bonsal.

Norman left this message:14:30

The matching service is called OKCupid.

Brooks left this message:14:30

Bonsal = good salt?

Brooks left this message:14:31

OKCupid I will check into it

Norman left this message:14:31

Any time it is convenient for you to travel here for your visit would be fine with us.

Brooks left this message:14:33

having a stady love relationship with a good compatible woman would certainly help lift my spirits and help me emotionally. I think I am more ready for a relationship after reading "The Art of Loving'

Norman left this message:14:34

I'm not trying to PUSH a matching service, just suggesting this as a way you might want to carefully select a female who would be compatible with your interests and would have the appropriate interest in the community.

Brooks left this message:14:34

I would have to get someone to watch the house while I visit but as oon as I can arrange it I would like to visit

Norman left this message:14:35

Have you been in touch with Justin Elder recently?

Brooks left this message:14:35

all things in due time

Brooks left this message:14:35

I sent him an email a month or two ago but got no response. Hve you talked with him?

Brooks left this message:14:36

thaks for the suggestion about the dating service I like that it is free

Norman left this message:14:37

We received an expensive bottle of Scotch and some fancy glasses about a month ago. I've had to discontinue any regular discourse with him since he's proved so unreliable.

Brooks left this message:14:38

sorry to hear that about his unreliablity, but you have maintained regular contact with him?

Norman left this message:14:38

If you do relocate, do you think the idea of a parcel with its own water supply, etc. that I earlier mentioned would be a good idea?

Norman left this message:14:39

No, my contact with Justin has been completely irregular. Usually, only when he emails on some whim of his.

Brooks left this message:14:39

I think so as long as I can use the water andcan live on the property without great expense

Brooks left this message:14:40

I haven't spoken with him since our chatroom exercise some years ago

Brooks left this message:14:42

have there been enough qualified and interested applicants to make the CCC enterprise viable?

Norman left this message:14:42

I am contacting a realtor recommended by a friend (the Mexican fellow who takes care of our front and back yards) who will know about the local real estate situation. It may be that there are rentals of repossessed properties that would be suitable.

Brooks left this message:14:43

that might be a good option as long as the property doesn't require too many expensive repairs and upgrades

Brooks left this message:14:44

I need to find an adequate income to feel secure in sustaining myself if I move there

Brooks left this message:14:46

i copuld do some gardening but might need some help with that as far as equipment and labor go

Norman left this message:14:48

As I say in the novella, the relationship between Michelle and myself constitutes a genuine community; so that in itself makes the CCC enterprise viable. Whether we ever have any other "qualified and interested applicants" other than the two or three of us is dependent entirely on the designs of divine will.

Norman left this message:14:51

During your visit you could explore possible job opportunities in this area. We have a few acquaintances that might be of assistance in that regard.

Brooks left this message:14:51

maybe the divine will will reveal to us what the next steps will be once the next step is taken or some synergy is established which will indicate how to proceed with what must be done

Brooks left this message:14:53

that would be a great help in helping me to get established and then being able to advance in assisting you and Michelle with what must be done

Norman left this message:14:53

Is it your thought that the CCC enterprise would only be viable if there were a large number of members?

Brooks left this message:14:54

no, only if there are those who are sufficiently motivated and dedicated the number isn't as important as the desire to achieve right results

Norman left this message:14:55

Yes, I think it quite possible that we will have further intimations and "leadings" as to what shouild be done in establishing the community.

Brooks left this message:14:56

development proceeds according to need and purpose

Norman left this message:14:57

I guess we'll wait, then, till you can find someone to care for your property in your absence and then you can let us know when you plan to visit.

Norman left this message:14:57

Is there anything else you'd like to explore?

Brooks left this message:14:58

that is agreeable to me. can I let you know then when that time is right? it shouldn't be long

Brooks left this message:14:59

I can't think of anything urgent at the moment

Norman left this message:14:59

Yes, let us know when you plan to visit. Any time convenient for you is fine with us.

Norman left this message:14:59

We can keep in touch via email in the interim.

Brooks left this message:15:00

I will stay in touch then and keep you posted. are there any suggestions for me?

Brooks left this message:15:01

yes I will keep in touch via email

Brooks left this message:15:01

until later then?

Norman left this message:15:02

You might want to explore the matching services even before your visit, listing your place of residence as Vista--just to get a head start on that front.

Otherwise, there's nothing else I can think of.

Best regards.

Brooks left this message:15:02

thank you for taking time to talk to me. best wishes...