Cooperative Commonwealth Community

      You have passed the screening test for the Cooperative Commonwealth Community. If you wish to continue applying for acceptance into the enterprise, submit the information outlined below in a detailed essay and send it in the body of an email (not as an attachment) to the email address below.

      Give careful thought to the information you provide; this is the first element in the screening process for determining acceptance into the enterprise. Vague or incomplete information, written without care for correctness of spelling and syntax, is often a clear indication that a person does not possess the requisite capabilities for admittance into an exacting enterprise.

  1. Your name, home address (street, city, state, zip), email address, age, gender, political party affiliation, and prior and current work experience

  2. Religious affiliation: for example, are you now or have been a member of an organized religion and are you now or have been involved in a spiritual or metaphysical program

  3. Medical and psychological state:

    • Medical:
      • A copy of a recent medical examination, including examination of circulatory, digestive, reproductive-sexual, and excretory systems

    • Psychological:
      • Whether you are currently or have previously been involved in a psychological, counseling, or psychotherapeutic program, or a psycho-medical regimen (such as anti-depressants)

      • Indication of your sexual orientation

  4. Describe your overall goals and expectations in participating in this enterprise.

  5. Describe any sense of "discontent" you've experienced that leads you to apply for acceptance into this enterprise.

  6. Describe in detail what you feel you've been doing with your life so far and what achievements you feel have been most important.

  7. Describe your general relationship with your spouse (if married), significant other, family, and friends.

Email the information outlined above to:

If the information you submit warrants, you'll be sent information about the training program.

     Be sure you've read this document thoughtfully and have definitely determined that you wish to apply for admission into this Cooperative Commonwealth Community before proceeding.