Cooperative Commonwealth Community

      Your participation in the dialectical interchange in application for admission to the Cooperative Commonwealth Community was satisfactory. If you wish to continue applying for acceptance into the enterprise, submit the information outlined below to the email address indicated.

  1. When would you be available for an in-person interview in Outlook, CA?

  2. Do you understand that will be staying in a local motel during the interview process?

  3. Is it clear that even though you have passed the dialectical interchange procedure, the interview procedure might eventuate in your not being admitted to the cooperative commonwealth community?

  4. Is it clear that even if you pass the personal interview procedure, you will be admitted to the cooperative community on a tentative basis?

Email your answers to:

If the information you submit warrants, you'll be sent information about when you should arrive in Outlook for your interview and at what motel you should stay.

     Be sure you've read this document thoughtfully and have definitely determined that you wish to apply for admission into this Cooperative Commonwealth Community before proceeding.