Cooperative Commonwealth Community - Initial Members

Person Primary Skill Secondary Skill

Diotima Mason


Herbal Medicine Specialist

Elbridge Henry


Group Facilitator

Emily Blake

Real Estate Specialist

Technical Writer

Julia Mercer

High School Science and Math Teacher

Household Chemist

Patrick Mercer

Information Systems/Computer Specialist

Webmaster/DHTML Specialist

Melissa Thompson


Economics Specialist

Joel Thompson

Law Enforcement Specialist

Intelligence Specialist

Elizabeth Collins

Foodstuffs Preservation

Livestock Specialist

Fred Collins

Farming Specialist

Criminal investigation

Nina Webb

Physician (GP)


Rick Webb

Telecommunication Specialist

Radio/TV Anchor

Joan White


Public Relations Specialist

Darby White

Banking and Finance Specialist

Political-Economic Specialist

Jose Chavez

Automobile and Small Engine Specialist

Electronics Specialist

Abraham Cole

Carpentry/Electricity Specialist

Plumbing/Masonry Specialist