Cooperative Commonwealth Community - Work Assignments

Person Primary Assignment Secondary Assignment

Diotima Mason

Manager, Information Enterprises

Editor/publisher of Newspaper

Elbridge Henry

Overseer of Cooperative

Manager, Screening and Training

Julia Mercer

Manager, Educational Enterprises


Patrick Mercer

Manager, Computer Enterprises

Investment Expert System

Melissa Thompson

Manager, Accounting/Bookkeeping

Economics Specialist

Joel Thompson

Manager, Law Enforcement Enterprises

Intelligence Specialist

Elizabeth Collins

Manager, General Store

Local Politics

Fred Collins

Manager, Food Production

Associate Overseer and Local Politics

Nina Webb

Manager, Health Services (Clinic)


Rick Webb

Manager, Telecommunication Enterprises

State Representative and Radio/TV

Joan White

Manager, Legal Enterprises

Associate Overseer and Local Judge

Darby White

Manager, Cooperative Politics (Mayor)

Investment Expert System

Emily Blake

Manager, Real Estate Enterprises

Educational Enterprises

Jose Chavez

Manager, Service Enterprises

Automotive and Electronics Specialist

Abraham Cole

Manager, Maintenance Enterprises

Plumbing/Masonry Specialist

Juanita Juarez


Alternative Health Care/Hypnosis