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Ahmadinejad 100, Charlie Rose -5


    After listening to Charlie Rose's interrogation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, on May 3, 2010, one comes away realizing that Ahmadinejad is a highly intelligent--and wily--leader (hence the score of 100) and that Charlie Rose is a Cabal Mandarin incapable of objective journalism or independent thought (hence the score of minus 5).

        Some of the interesting points Ahmadinejad made in spite of Charlie's continual attempt to interrupt or silence him:
      • The United States is being manipulated by a "radical" cabal that wants to threaten nuclear war with Iran

      • The radical faction controlling the US political-economic system believes--erroneously--that it rules the world.

      • Iran does not even consider Israel in thinking of threats against it. "Israel isnít even counted. It doesnít even factor into our equation."

      • Iran does not believe that anyone--including the US--will attack it.

      • At one point, Charlie became such a clear "mouthpiece" for cabal propaganda that Ahmadinejad stopped and confronted him.

      • "How convenient that those who possess a bomb are not considered a threat, but those who donít have a bomb but may possibly have a bomb in the future are considered a major threat."