Workers need to wake up to the actual situation of income inequality--not their delusions about this destructive situation.

    The working class must realize that protests and riots play into the hands of their capitalist oppressors.

    A major element in coming awake to what's happening is to realize that all that remains of American democracy are the window-dressings: Constitution, elections, Congress, justice system. None of these facades has an ounce of reality to them: all major elements of the Constitution have been destroyed, there are no elections because the capitalist cabal selects both candidates in all elections, Congress is bought-and-paid-for by the caitalist corporations, and the justice system is now a total in-justice system--with the rich committing crimes right and left but NEVER even being indicted.

    A few genuine progressive voices are helping workers realize that they cannot hope to gain relief by tinkering with the present fascist-imperialist-militarist-capitalist non-system--that we must replace this anarchy with cooperative commonwealth communities.