The Capitalist Cabal is Fomenting
Racial and Class Civil War

    The leaders of the capitalist cabal--and their mandardins and collaborators--now feel they're powerful enough to lay out in plain sight their plans to murder the working class.

      Zbigniew Brzezinski, a top cabal advisor, began in October, 2011, to announce details of the cabal plan to murder workers worldwide. This is the same Brzezinski who was Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, who helped to create Osama bin Laden and Al Qauda as foils against Russia, and who prepped and supported Barack Obama for the US presidency in 2008. From a critical analysis of his 2011 "announcement" we can discern just how the capitalist thugs plan to do away with the global working class.

    Brzezinski begins his announcement by stating as a given, natural fact that workers will increasingly suffer unemployment, life-threatening poverty, and destitution. This is, he implies, just part of the cost of a capitalist political-economic-social system.

    Brzezinski acknowledged that this inequality in income and power between workers and capitalists might lead to riots. And the implication is that when workers resort to riots, their capitalist masters will send in their militarized police forces to murder them.

    Brzezinski is trying to convince the working class that they are suddenly "politically awakened" and ready to take on power. If you're critically aware of what's going on in the world today, you know that the masses--members of the working class--are NOT at all politically aware. Brzezinski is trying to con workers worldwide into believing that they're politically aware and therefore possess all the political and economic power that the capitalists tell them they have.

    This, of course, is a BIG LIE--as in a lie that when repeated often enough by the elite will be believed by the working poor. The workers of the world today are in the pitiable state of almost total ignorance as to what is going on--how the capitalists are deliberately murdering them. You see this false presumption of awareness and power in every rioting mob anywhere in the world. The rioters assume--out of ignorance of the real situation--that they possess real power based on genuine understanding of what's happening. The result is inevitable and constantly recurring: the police and military forces brutalize and kill as many of the rioters as their fat-cat masters tell them to.

    In the same video in which Brzezinski speaks of possible worker riots, he suggests that the working class should publish a list of the billionaires who have made their money in "unproductive" financial speculation. The purpose of making such a list, Zbig suggests, is to shame billionaires into giving more of their money to public causes.

      If you think Brzezinski is serious about such a list, then follow him around for a month and watch him hob-nobbing with the very billionaires that he's pretending to "diss." The only purpose such publishing of a list of US billionaires would serve is to provide cover for CIA/FBI agents provocateur operations in which capitalist billionaires would seem to be targeted and attacked, similar to the murderous beheadings of French aristocrats in the abortive French Revolution of 1789. The outcome would be that mindless people from the working class would join these fake targeting operations and summarily be convicted and imprisoned.

    Americans must realize the underlying significance and purpose of such incidents as the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO in 2014:

  • To create hatred of police and military personnel

  • To create hatred and violence between the races

  • To set the stage for a state of general anarchy and violence to be triggered by the capitalists when their preparations are complete
    The murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO has already been used as an excuse for black hoodlums in Mississippi savagely beating an ex-Marine and an ex-Air Force pilot.

    Workers--of whatever race, religion, or creed--must realize that their ONLY enemy is the capitalist class. The easiest way for capitalists to destroy workers is to create racial hatred and racial civil war, resulting in workers annihilating themselves.

    Intelligent persons--of all races, religions, creeds, and nations--realize that there must NOT be a dividing of the working class according to some capitalist balkanization scheme meant to provoke dissention and racial warfare.

    With a black American placed in the US Presidency by the capitalist cabal for the first time, there has been a constant drum-beat for racial hatred and racial warfare. But intelligent persons--black, brown, and white--have seen through these capitalist attempts to incite racial conflict.

    In 1967, Martin Luther King changed the emphasis of his campaign from gaining civil rights for black Americans to seeking economic justice for American workers of ALL races and creeds. He called this the Poor People's Campaign, indicating that eradicating poverty was the second phase of the civil rights movement. At that time about 13 percent of the general US population was living in poverty; today the official figure is 15% living in poverty, but that's, in part, because the poverty rate is set so unrealistically. To be considered to be living in poverety, the annual income of a family of four has to be below $23,492.

    Genuine leaders like Martin Luther King see that the REAL enemy of the entire working class is capitalism, that workers of all races, religions, and creeds are equally oppressed--and murdered by the fascist, militarist cabal that has seized power.

    If you think the idea that the US government would deliberately turn working class people into terrorist patsies is too far out, then read this recent article from The Guardian which indicates that government agents have been 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots since 9/11.

    A recent report from Human Right Watch indicates that most so-called domestic terrorists--many of them Muslims--would never have committed a crime if not for law enforcement encouraging, pressuring, and sometimes paying them to commit terrorist acts.

    Workers worldwide must BEWARE of any voice that encourages them to resort to violence--armed or otherwise--in trying to replace the fascist-imperialist-capitalist cabal, whether that voice be revolutionary communists pretending to be socialists, or main-stream journalists encouraging communist armed revolt.