Criminally Subversive Terrorist Document #666/%%%

From: Citizen NWO-778-49-2994

To: George Orwell

September 22, 2084

Dear Mr. Orwell,

On the 100 year anniversary of your novel called “1984,” I am writing to inform you that your literary efforts were completely in vain. I have been told that your book “1984” represented a nearly perfect model of our society as it exists today with the exception that it expressed a negative view of our very peaceful world order. Due to the passage of the “Subversive Materials Act” in 2023 I am unable to read any portion of the book but I understand that its predictions of how our society would change and improve over time were extremely accurate. Over the last 80 years as our leaders put the laws in place that have given us the peace and stability we now have, people who read your book would comment about how accurately you predicted these changes. It is unfortunate that your views were so negative. If you had written your book differently you might today be considered a hero of the state.

At one point a large group of agitators even attempted to use your book to convince others that the revolutionary changes we were going through would perhaps lead to a loss of personal privacy and freedom of expression. This is what led to the Subversive Materials Act as well as our vast and unrivaled Re-educational System to save those who confuse the privileges reserved only for our leaders with their own responsibilities. Had you been alive today I’m sure the state would have allowed you to spend several years as a guest at one of the many collectives belonging to the Re-Ed System until you were able to appreciate living within your level of responsibility and evince pride of performing your duty to the state.

Thank you,

Citizen NWO-778-49-2994

Citizen NWO-778-49-2994 finished and saved this document at 6:20 p.m. 09/22/2048. The document was then automatically downloaded during the normal wide scan process by the Department of Personal Computer Protection at 6:30 p.m. on 09/22/2084. After a key word examination determined the presence of specified markers the document was transferred to and examined by the State Agency for the Development of Personal Thought and _Expression. It has been given a grade of 81-C and is deemed acceptable for sharing with 100% of population.

The above document was criminally approved by agent Winston Smith, masquerading as Citizen NWO-778-49-2994

Under direct orders from Lippmann Jones, Supreme Oveeseer of Citizen Right-Think, the document was re-scanned and found to have these criminally subversive terrorist elements:

  • Satire (Menippean)

  • Irony

  • Innuendo

Satire, irony, and innuendo are listed as criminally subversive terrorist elements by Protection of the Fatherland Edict #777/zzz***

All persons who inadvertently read the above criminally subversive terrorist document must undergo the counter-conditioning of studying this document for a minimum of two hours.