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Should You Read This Essay?

     We must reconstitute America because the demonic cabal has devastated it! The reconstitution must be completed in a manner that will not result in the same mess we're in now.

     We're in a very deep hole that it will be difficult to get out of, requiring a great deal of effort over an extended period of time. A ruthless gang of looters has seized control of America's political, military, and financial power bases and is intent on destroying all Constitutional rights, murdering American soldiers in criminal wars, and plundering America's treasure.

     This diabolical cabal has taken control of both parties, turning our nation into a dictatorial one-party system.


      The result of controlling both parties is that the cabal has turned American citizens into slaves, as Thomas Paine made clear.

"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case."

Thomas Paine, Dissertation on the First Principles of Government

     When Paine spoke these words in 1795 and when discerning people in twenty-first century America refer to our being in a state of slavery in a civil war against domestic totalitarian powers, this is much more than a mere figure of speech. If you don't recognize and acknowledge that the criminal cabal, through its present Bush junta, has turned America into a banana republic--with criminal thugs in power--then from the perspective of this essay you're incapable of understanding current reality and would be unable to benefit from what this essay presents.

     At present, all our telephone conversations, our regular mail and email communications, and our Internet activity are being monitored by the CIA, because the cabal has decreed that these police state tactics are "legal."

     At least since the American presidential election of 1868, the financiers who've ruled this country have hand-picked the presidential candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Whichever party wins, they have their puppet in power.

The American One-Party Dictatorship

Presidential Candidate


Presidential Candidate

                 The only two recent US presidents who demonstrated some independence from this criminal cabal were Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. FDR essentially saved American capitalism from its own robber-baron excesses. Kennedy was planning to overthrow the cabal's entire political and financial stranglehold by, for example, doing away with the cabal's wholly-owned "Federal" Reserve System and beginning to print US currency independently. Kennedy's plan to end the Vietnamese war and change the entire structure of the federal government was the reason the cabal had him assassinated by CIA and Mafia operatives in 1963.
"Big money is out to prove that 'everyone has a price,' that ideals for democracy and social justice matter little in comparison, that corporate-military-government liaisons can subvert citizens will for democracy, that a one-party radical right-wing system in which corporations run government is the ideal, that those who dissent must be terrorized or arrested into submission. That is fascism."

Tina Staik, "Bush's Plan For Wasteful Military Expansion is a Ploy to Implement Fascist Rule," Baltimore Chronicle, 3/2/02

     In the 2004 US election we couldn't be sure whether John Kerry was a cabal ringer or not. Some of us decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, considering his stance as a veteran against the Vietnam war and his investigation of the Iran-Contra criminal conspiracy.

     The cabal stole the election in 2004 for Bush II, just as it had perpetrated a coup d'etat in 2000 by conspiring with Jeb Bush to rig the vote in Florida and with the Neanderthal members of the Supreme Court to appoint Dubya President. And Kerry proved himself to be in league with the cabal when he refused to contest the rigged 2004 election.

"The state's interest permits them to enact reasonable election regulations that may, in practice, favor the traditional two-party system."

A 1997 decision by Chief Justice William Rehnquist

        It's difficult for us to grasp the full significance of the cabal's control over both political parties, as well as the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government.

     We keep thinking that conditions for American

      workers will inevitably improve if we just vote a new bunch of leaders in--forgetting that the cabal selects candidates for both parties.

"If the elections of November 7 [2006] were an expression of the sentiments of the broad mass of the American people, then the announcement just two months later by Bush of his administration's 'new strategy' in Iraq demonstrated above all the completely hollowed-out and decayed character of American . . . democracy. In the face of an overwhelming rejection of the Iraq war, the Bush regime will not only step up its military operations in Iraq but has openly threatened a wider war against Iran and Syria, involving the whole of the Middle East--threats that were repeated in Bush's State of the Union speech yesterday [2/11/07]." 1


Situation in Washington: Potemkin Village

"Political life in the US capital is increasingly an exercise in deceit and self-delusion. It does not take long for an objective observer to discern that behind the traditional forms of parliamentary democracy--congressional debates, floor votes, hearings, etc.--the machinery of a presidential dictatorship is being consolidated and already operating in key areas of policy, both foreign and domestic.

"The Bush administration has successfully asserted, due largely to the compliance of a complicit and cowardly Democratic Party and a corrupt media, a degree of unchecked and unaccountable power that is unprecedented in US history. On the basis of the pseudo-constitutional theory of the 'unitary executive' and the supposed war-time powers of the commander-in-chief (in the undeclared, unlimited and phony 'war on terror'), the right-wing clique around the White House routinely violates constitutional norms and legal statutes, snubs Congress and takes actions that flagrantly violate the democratic rights of the American people." 2

     We voted in the mid-term 2006 mid-term election for Congress to get us out of Iraq and to enact such measures as an increase in the minimum wage. The House did nothing but pass a non-binding resolution about Dubya's troop escalation and the Senate voted down a similar toothless resolution. The bills for increasing the minimum wage include tax cuts of over $8 billion for the top 1% of obscenely wealthy Americans.

"The [non-binding] resolution and the three days of debate that preceded its passage are a further demonstration that the Democratic Party shares the imperialist goals of the Bush administration in Iraq, and that its criticisms are entirely on the level of tactics. In a literal sense, the resolution is not an antiwar measure at all, but merely a statement of disagreement with the method chosen by the White House to continue and escalate the war." 3

"I think what we're talking about with the Bush administration is a far different matter in which disinformation, misinformation and unwillingness to tell the truth - a willingness to lie both in the Oval Office, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, in the office of the vice president, the vice president himself - is something that I have never witnessed before on this scale.

"The lying in the Nixon White House had most often to do with covering up Watergate, with the Nixon administration's illegal activities. Here, in this presidency, there is an unwillingness to be truthful, both contextually and in terms of basic facts that ought to be of great concern to people of all ideologies . . .

"This president has a record of dishonesty and obfuscation that is Nixonian in character in its willingness to manipulate the press, to manipulate the truth. We have gone to war on the basis of misinformation, disinformation and knowing lies from top to bottom."

Carl Bernstein on Nixon vs. Bush
InterviewEditor & Publisher, Wednesday 14 February 2007

     The cabal has been in almost total control of the entire US political-economic-social structure since their assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. During the 60s, 70s, and 80s, their decimation of Constitutional liberties was slow but sure. Beginning with the Nixon criminal presidency, they rapidly accelerated the speed of undermining basic American freedoms.

     Their quintessential tactic was ignoring all reports of an impending terrorist attack and then using the 9/11 catastrophe as the excuse for unending war, both foreign and domestic.

     Neanderthal ideologues now claim that the President has totally unfettered power to attack any part of the Constitution he chooses--in the interest of "national security."

     Thinking Americans are going to have to reconstitute our political, economic, and social structures on our own. And right now, the number of well-informed, intelligent Americans is a small minority of the entire population.

Prime Example of the Idiocy of Most of the American Press

Tim Russert: "Everyone knows Social Security, as it's constructed, is not going to be in the same place it's going to be for the next generation, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives."

Chris Matthews: "It's a bad Ponzi scheme, at this point."

Tim Russert: "Yes."

Tactics for Reconstituting America

     Our specific tactics in transforming America must be as well-conceived as our overall strategies. We'll have to make a concerted effort to understand what's occurring in the world at the present time and adapt our actions to pivotal contingencies. Over the long run we'll need to reconstitute our election system into one which allows for a diversity of parties and is free from the fraud which now plagues our nation's elections. The evidence is clear that the Republicans, under the command of Karl Rove, stole the 2000, 2002, 2004 elections. They rigged the 2006 mid-term election as well, but did such a lousy job that the Democrats won both houses of Congress.

     The day after the 2006 mid-term election, Al Franken (a self-proclaimed populist) told his Air America audience that the outcome proved that the Republicans never steal elections--never have and never will. As you might guess, Al decided to run for senator from Minnesota and now spouts his counterfeit progressivism in Congress.

     Al isn't the only self-styled progressive who hasn't the guts to face the fact that the Republicans have stolen elections beginning in 2000. The Nation magazine and such supposedly liberal Internet blogs as Daily Kos refused to even consider that this could have happened. Fortunately, we have intrepid investigative reporters such as Greg Palast and commentators like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who present clear and persuasive evidence of vote fraud to the American public.

      As long as there are tactical reasons for ensuring voting integrity in America--electing the few progressive Democratic candidates available--we must put energy into making sure elections are fair.

     Some people suggest that we either begin voting for third party candidates across the board or not vote at all--to show our contempt for the entire criminal voting enterprise. In those instances where there's no significant difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates, it may be the best strategy to vote for a third party nominee. We'll have to study the democratic candidates very carefully to see if there are any positive elements which would make voting for them the best course. It will be necessary to study each candidate on his or her own merits and not assume that the label of "liberal democrat" is a genuine one, as in the case of the turncoat freshman Congressman Christopher Carney of Pennsylvania.

     Our tactics in reconstituting America must be based on realistic appraisal of our national condition coupled with long-range, persistent efforts founded on confidence in our ultimate victory.

Positive Politicians

     Contrary to the simple-minded, wholesale dismissal of the entire American political system by some, we must recognize that there are still some members of the Democratic party who have some positive qualities and work for some initiatives that further the good of working-class American citizens.

      In discovering who those progressive Democrats are we can use three criteria:

  1. If they have spoken out directly against the cabal in general and its Iraq and Afghanistan wars in particular

  1. If they voted against S256, the destructive bankruptcy bill that squeezes common citizens, making it more difficult for working families who are experiencing financial difficulties to get relief through the bankruptcy process. This unfair bill tilted the bankruptcy process in favor of banks and credit card companies, and against the interests of workers who have lost their jobs or been hit with high medical bills. The measure passed 74 to 25 in Senate and 302 to 126 in the House.

  1. If they voted for H.R. 2: Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. The bill passed the Senate 94 to 3 and the House by 315 to 116.

Member of Congress Disallowing Bankruptcy (S256) Raising Minimum Wage (HR2)
Representative John Conyers, Jr.NoYes
Representative Sheila Jackson-LeeNoYes
Representative Dennis KucinichNoYes
Representative Nancy PelosiNoYes
Representative Henry WaxmanNoYes
Senator Barbara BoxerNoYes
Senator Russ FeingoldNoYes
Senator Ted KennedyNoYes
Senator Bernie SandersNoYes
Senator Diane FeinsteinNoYes
Senator Jim WebbNAYes

     Some interesting discoveries come out of this analysis:

  • Not a single Republican member of Congress can pass this test

  • Hillary Clinton refused to vote on the anti-bankruptcy bill, revealing once again that she's a shill for the corporations; her refusal to admit that her vote for the Iraq war was a mistake means that she was essentially a Republican in Democratic clothing (as is Joseph Lieberman a Republican in Zionist clothing)

  • Representative John Murtha, Representative Ron Paul, Senator Robert Byrd and Senator Harry Reid voted for the anti-bankruptcy bill

  • Diane Feinstein voted appropriately on the two measures, but her criticism of Bush and the Iraq war was half-hearted and inconsistent at best; however, her February, 2007 protest against the Bush junta's firing of 10 progressive US district judges merits commendation

  • Jim Webb's criticism of Bush and the Iraq war during his election campaign was very vocal, but his voting record is as yet inconclusive. His speech of 1/23/07 warning against deepening disparity between the rich and the poor was a good first effort.

  • Senator Barak Obama voted appropriately on the two measures, but he sided with the Bush junta in calling for an attack on Iran.

  • Out of 535 members of Congress in 2008, only 11 qualified as having some positive qualities and furthering some progressive causes. This proves how overpowering the demonic cabal's power is over Congress. Only 2.06% of those in Congress have some degree of independence from the campaign-money bribery and corruption of the cabal corporations.

     I'm aware that apart from Feingold, the other members of this august group have voted for some anti-progressive initiatives and nominees and have numerous personal views that run counter to working-class interests. Even Conyers in February, 2007 reneged on his earlier pledge to bring impeachment charges against Bush. But the important thing is that there is not a single Republican representative or senator who can be included on that list. So, even though we can say that for the large majority of members of Congress there's not a dab of difference between Republicans and Democrats, there are some Democrats with some positive qualities and some record of working for the wellbeing of common American citizens. That's why maintaining election integrity remains an important task for progressives.

Why America Must Be Reconstituted

In America, every 2 minutes a baby is born into poverty. Every 7 minutes a baby is born at low birth weight. Every 15 minutes a baby is born to a mother who received late or no prenatal care. Every hour a baby dies before turning one.

Looking Back At the 2008 Election

     John McCain and Barack Obama represented the kind of "bait and switch" 4 scam that the cabal and its Republican and Democratic Party lackeys have always pulled in American elections. Both candidates were agents of the criminal cabal that seized control of America in the early decades of the twentieth century. This cabal "smoke and mirrors" 5 tactic of controlling both Democratic and Republican politicians has been one of their hallmarks.

     We must make certain that we're not taken in by such counterfeit Democratic and Republican candidates in the 2012 presidential election. We already suffered from two cabal ringers: 6 John Kerry going back on his promise to contest the stolen 2004 election, standing in solidarity with his Skull-and-Bones brother, George W. Bush and the cabal puppet con-man, Barack Obama.

      John McCain, and Barack Obama had long records of underhanded activity, so we were sure they would continue the reign of corruption the cabal has perpetrated over the last century. Whether it was John McCain's savings and loan and Abramoff-related crimes or Obama's sleazy connection to a now-indicted political fundraiser, Tony Rezko and Obama's anti-American pastor, Jeremiah Wright, either of them would unquestionably continue in the cabal crime spree that began with the assassination of JFK.

Our Unfinished Work

     Activists in the new Citizen Revolution must not forget what we've suffered over the eight years under the Bush junta. Bush II was brought into the presidency in 2000 through a coup d'etat set up by Jeb Bush, Jim Baker, and the Supreme Court. That changed the entire structure of our government. The 2002 and 2004 presidential elections were stolen by the Republicans, through the connivance of Karl Rove and his Nazis. The fact that the Democrats became somewhat vigilant and created election oversight operations in the 2006 election doesn't prove that the Republicans will not succeed in rigging the 2012 election. Even in the 2006 mid-term election, it appears that at least four percent of the votes was "misplaced."

      We must not forget that the 2008 election was fixed by the cabal portraying Obama as a progressive--and many Americans falling for the scam. Obama's fascist, police-state operations have proven that he is a cabal puppet, shilling for Wall Street and the Pentagon.

     When it comes to the so-called independent and third-party organizations, we find largely an admixture of simple-minded hope, unrealistic expectations, and outright fascistic actions.

Random Sample of "Independent and Alternative" Parties
American Reform Party
Green Parties of North America
Labor Party
Libertarian Party: "believes government is best that governs least."
Populist Party of America, Midwest Alliance
New Party
Peoples' Action Network: PAN Party
Ross Perot's Reform Party
Perot helped increase home energy costs in California 200-400%
Working Families Party

     A review of these so-called independent and alternative parties leaves us with the realization that not one of them offers a viable strategy for reconstituting America. Most of them are still trying to play in the national arena against a stacked deck. Their "platforms" indicate that they have no real clue as to what's happening in this country or the world.

      If we wish to reconstitute our nation in a positive manner, here are groups and initiatives that will move us in that direction:

Long-Range Tactics for Reconstituting America
Initiatives Monitoring Sites


Join Unified Activist Citizen Taskforce (UACT)

The New Enlightenment


Demand paper ballots for all elections

Monitoring American elections


Join the UACT boycott initiative

Boycotting background information


Tell Congress to Support De-escalation of Troops in Iraq

Act for Change Site


Impeach Bush Initiative

Impeach Bush Site


Stop the "No Child Left Behind" Scam

Exposing the "No Child Left Behind" Scam


OPPOSE The Iraq war surge


Oppose the Surge

Monitoring election fraud


VotersUnite initiatives

VotersUnite monitoring

The 2012 Election in Our Reconstitutive Policy

         In whatever way possible in the 2012 elections, we must fight against the insane policies of the cabal as it attempts to drag the whole world into armed conflagration. When there are definitely positive Democratic candidates available in our nation, state, county, or city elections, we'll want to support and vote for them. But we'll want to be sure whom we're voting for.

     In the 2012 presidential election, there will be complex factors to consider in determining how we make our decisions. Barack Obama has proven to be as much tied into the cabal as Bush II. When we consider which party should be in charge of our federal government, we must realize that the cabal's use of the Obama administration represents a new era in American political history. Previous to Obama, the American people had been better served by democratic leaders over the course of the last century. In the 2012 presidential election, it's clear that both Republican and Democratic candidates will support cabal policies of fascism and militarism.

      We must now consider if we'll vote for a third party candidate or avoid voting altogether.

A Proviso

     To some people, these suggestions may seem to be a message of hopelessness. Actually, it's always much more hopeful to face reality and work toward viable objectives instead of fooling ourselves about what's going on in America and the world. The election process in the U.S. has been rigged to become a one-party scam and all elections since 2000 have been stolen by the Republicans, except in 2006 when they made mistakes in their criminal procedures, leading to the Democrats winning both houses of Congress, and in 2008 when the cabal decided to switch to a fake progressive candidate. We can't hope to change the basic political, economic, or social structures of our country through this rigged, one-party voting system, but there are a few progressive Democrats in a few states, so it's worthwhile to work for fair voting to elect those persons.

      Americans must be aware that Karl Rove and his Nazis will likely try to steal the 2012 election for Neanderthals such as John McCain or Sarah Palin, using essentially the same tactics they did in 2004.

Long-Range Strategy for Reconstitution

     Our long-range, overall strategy must be to assist in the re-education of the world's peoples over several generations, helping them gain the capabilities of:

  1. Understanding what's happening in the world situation

  2. Understanding ourselves: Joining with others to learn the skills of intelligent decision-making

  3. Forming progressive, activist groups to plan and carry out citizen-based initiatives

  4. Building cooperative commonwealth communities for the benefit of all members of those societies

The World Situation

"Following the end of the Cold War in 1991, no major power, including emerging ones such as China, India and Russia, is capable of establishing a new equilibrium of world capitalism. On the contrary, their emergence, along with the more aggressive military posture of imperialist powers such as Germany and Japan, is a profoundly destabilising factor. Far from accepting a so-called 'multi-polar world,] American [cabal] imperialism is trying to use its residual military might to maintain its hegemonic position as the sole superpower.

"The prospect of US militarism driving mankind into a global conflagration is not remote. As the Bush administration intensifies its military escalation in Iraq, it is also threatening a wider regional war against Iran and Syria. To the south, the US has already started a new adventure in the Horn of Africa by backing the Ethiopian army's invasion of Somalia. In each of these regions, the reckless actions of the US are cutting across the essential material interests of other major powers." . . .

"China is promoting itself as a new role model for developing countries, in which dictatorship rather than 'democracy' is viewed as a crucial component of economic success. This is particularly favoured by various corrupt Third World regimes, which are under pressure from the Western powers, for their own reasons, to carry out limited political reforms."

John Chan, "China's economic rise destabilises world capitalism," 19 February 2007, WSWS.Org

                     At present we're faced with a ruling group that is at war militarily, economically, and socially with the American people and the rest of the world. The American people as a whole have no political, economic, or military power against this demonic junta. Other nations--such as China, Russia, or Venezuela--possess no real force to stop this juggernaut, though they chip away at it as much as they can.

     But few other ruling groups in the world are completely in support of common people. We the peoples of the world will have to reconstitute our nations; none of our leaders ever will.

Understanding Ourselves

     Here we run up against the most formidable forces of all: the world-wide pandemics of egomania and ignorance. The cabal has created a universal ethos of capitalistic egocentrism, a dog-eat-dog, me-first, know-nothing, anti-intellectual ideology that makes it absolutely impossible for people to understand or join in common cause on any major issue. Ruling groups throughout the world have done a remarkable job of creating just the kind of self-obsessed, self-indulgent, "I'm-stupid-and-proud-of-it" masses that make it easy to control them through "bread" (fast food and authoritarian religion) and "circuses" (NFL, NBA, World Soccer, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), right-wing radio, and TV sit-coms).

     Egomania, narcissism, is the natural condition of the infant; the world exists merely as gratification or denial of personal desires. The caretaker--parent, nurse, teacher, religious authority--tells the infant what reality is and how he or she must behave in response to this defined reality.

     It's at this stage of egomania and narcissism where most personalities stop developing; they remain in an infantile state even though they've matured physically. Ego-satisfaction is the only concern, avoiding punishment by authority figures and achieving one's individual goals is the life-game, and understanding or awareness is totally unnecessary and boring. The authority figures will tell us what is real and what we're supposed to do, so we have absolutely no need to think for ourselves. Since personal satisfaction is primary, however we achieve our goals is okay. There are no moral values beyond feeling good about ourselves and making others fear and respect us. Any consideration for the good of others is weakness and stupidity.

     Egomania is not just an arrested stage of development, not merely a slight malady or a minor social aberration; it is a blindness to reality which leads to death: death of oneself and others. The obsession with self and the grudging obedience to authority becomes so pervasive and consuming that we lose touch with reality and begin to live in solipsistic fantasy worlds.

     The infantile personality responds only to gross symbols, ideas, and commands: TV images of 200% patriotism, slogans ("dead or alive), bluster ("we'll rid the world of terrorism"); norms ("don't think about what American leaders did which led to the terrorist attacks; vote more money for an incompetent intelligence industry; forget about the workers laid off, give tax breaks to corporate executives"). American immaturity is clear from the unthinking, knee-jerk early (and continuing) approval of a president who stole the presidency and can barely read his speeches from his cue cards.

     To reconstitute our nation, we must recognize and acknowledge the egomaniacal, anti-intellectual, ignorance-embracing character of a large percentage of Americans. Because they eagerly pursue ignorance--by listening to people who lie to them and brainwash them with false information--these people can't credit the fact that our country has been taken over by a gang of thugs. They still believe the myth that this country is a democracy and that the President is a benevolent leader. We see this on TV and radio "talk shows," where people ask such inane questions as this:

  • "Why doesn't the President do something to improve the situation in Afghanistan and to improve the plight of the American working-class citizen?"

         Obama, the cabal-puppet, doesn't want to improve things for common people in Afghanistan or America; he's only interested in the upper 1% of wealthy people who put him into power and keep him there. How many times do we have to see his total indifference to the plight of ordinary Americans in such actions as the British Petroleum disaster or his disallowing medical care for wounded veterans to get this into our heads?

  • "Why is America remaining in Afghanistan and threatening to go to war with Iran?"

         America isn't doing any of that; the cabal through its puppet president is perpetrating these outrages. The American people in all recent elections have made it clear that they want the U.S. out of Afghanistan and doesn't want another war. But Obama the con-man makes it clear that neither he nor any of his administration listen to the people.

  • Surely a president and an entire administration can't be so ruthless and soulless as you make them out to be; they must have some sense of decency and concern for human beings?

         Their actions prove that they're totally ruthless and soulless, without a shred of moral integrity or fellow-feeling.

          If you choose to hide your head in the sands of ignorance, you're deliberately committing suicide. Over 4,000 Americans and a million Iraqis have already died in the cabal's war-profiteering slaughter. America has been turned into a burnt-out war zone of unemployment and poverty. If you choose to believe that the Afghanistan war is going well--as Obama's generals tells us--and that the U.S. economy is strong--as Obama's capitalist shills tell us--then you deserve what you get.

Effective Action

     The minds of our American populace have been debased by a demonic cabal destroying our educational system. Because of their degraded state, the people have allowed these thugs to seize our nation and turn it into a militaristic totalitarian police-state.
Our struggle to reconstitute America into a commonwealth for the benefit of all our people can only take place when we've reconstituted ourselves, gaining the ability to work together to reconstitute our nation.
     When we've learned that a nation must provide for the security and advancement of all its people--not just the rulers--we'll be able to begin reconstituting our nation.

"How is it possible that the strongest of all instincts, that for survival, seems to have ceased to motivate us? One of the most obvious explanations is that the leaders undertake many actions that make it possible for them to pretend they are doing something effective to avoid a catastrophe: endless conferences, resolutions, disarmament talks, all give the impression that the problems are recognized and something is being done to resolve them. Yet nothing of real importance happens; but both the leaders and the led anesthetize their consciences and their wish for survival by giving the appearance of knowing the road and marching in the right direction.

"While in our private life nobody except a mad person would remain passive in view of a threat to our total existence, those who are in charge of public affairs do practically nothing, and those who have entrusted their fate to them let them continue to do nothing."

Erich Fromm, To Have or To Be?

Summary and Conclusion

Our Current Situation and the Reconstitution of America

Our liberties have been destroyed by a fascist junta that has brainwashed large masses of Americans.

By developing an improved Constitution we can begin working toward the reconstitution of freedoms based on Higher Laws.

Our democracy has been hollowed out, our nation turned into a one-party militaristic, totalitarian dictatorship.

Becoming self-informed citizens, we can learn to order our own lives according to transcendent principles which we establish.

We've allowed ourselves to degenerate into egomaniacs who embrace ignorance and self-indulgence.

With the assistance of philosophy (the love of and search for wisdom) and dialectic, we can transform ourselves into persons with true understanding.

By learning to inform ourselves and develop decision-making skills, we can ultimately create a Commonwealth.

Gaining spiritual and social intelligence, we will reconstitute our nation into a Commonwealth of, by, and for the people.

"Where the mind is without fear and the head held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action;
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake."

Rabindranath Tagore


1 Nick Beams, "The historic decline of the United States and the eruption of militarism," The World Socialist Web Site, WSWS.Org, 2/12/07

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4 A bait and switch is a form of fraud in which the charlatan lures people by promising a good or service at an unprofitably low price, then reveals to potential customers that the advertised good or service is not available but that a higher-priced substitute good is.

5 Magicians use smoke and mirrors to accomplish illusions such as making objects disappear, when they really don't disappear at all.

6 Ringer: A counterfeit challenger brought into a contest to gain support when his real purpose is to lose, making sure the other side wins.

7 The Bilderberg conference is a yearly meeting of members from all the cabal organizations.